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[PoE 3.23] Top 10 Trading Tips & Tricks For Dominating the Economy

Hey, Path of Exile fans! Today we've bringing you a frosty beverage of knowledge for the Affliction league trade . Let's break down my pre-league predictions and trade tips to help you conquer the economy in PoE 3.23!  From farming strategies to item predictions, these tips will help you navigate the trade waters and make the most out of your Affliction League experience!


[PoE 3.23] Top 10 Trading Tips & Tricks For Dominating the Economy


Tip 1. Farming Uniqueness

In PoE, it pays to farm what others aren't. Treading the common path means competing for the same resources and undercutting your profits. There are exceptions, like the Mageblood belt, where demand is just insatiable.


Tip 2. Gemcutter's Prism (GCP) Scarcity

Expect Gemcutter's Prism to feel rarer this league. With changes to the vendor recipe affecting only support gems, demand for GCPs will likely spike. Pro tip: Start picking up those 10-16 quality gems you'd normally ignore.


Tip 3. Charms and Tinctures Trading

Trading charms and tinctures could be a wild rollercoaster. High risk, high reward – if you're not faint-hearted, this could be your playground. Just remember, it's a gamble.


Tip 4. Heist's Uncertain Future 

With Heist's rewards in flux, it's anyone's guess how lucrative it will be. Keep an eye out for new items, but be aware that popular rewards like alternate quality gems have moved house to The Labyrinth.


Tip 5. Lab Might Be Overfished

There's a lot of buzz around running lab this league. However, with transfigure gems in the mix, demand may not be as high as expected. If you're a lab specialist, have a Plan B ready.


Tip 6. Catalyst Rarity

Catalysts are getting rarer, especially since they're dropping less everywhere except ultimatum. If you're chasing catalysts, brace yourself for some high-stakes ultimatum runs.


Tip 7. Lab Gem Choices

If you're running labs, consider bringing Caustic Arrow gems. They're popular and lucrative. If you hit a transfigure craft, you're golden. Otherwise, toss in any quality gem you have and see what the RNG gods bless you with.


Tip 8. Sanctum Drop Rate Changes

Sanctum tomes are getting a nerf. If their drop rates remain high, expect inflation for sanctum-exclusive items. If rates are slashed, these tomes could become jackpot drops, pushing wealth out to lucky finders.


Tip 9. Rog's Under-the-Radar Impact

With little chatter about Rog and Expedition, expect rarer items like spell suppression gear to fetch higher prices. If you're into Expedition, this might be your time to shine.


Tip 10. Destructive Play's Rise

With more players eyeing Destructive Play builds, expect shifts in the market. Eldritch currencies might go up in price, while Shaper and Elder items could see a drop.


Bonus Tip – Orbs of Unmaking Demand: 

With players speculating on Wandering Path strategies, Orbs of Unmaking could be in high demand. This will likely increase the trade value of related orbs like Regret, Scouring, and Chance.


And there you have it, ten tips to help you navigate the Affliction League's trade winds! Remember, while trading is a huge part of PoE, don't let it sap all the fun out of your game. It's all about striking that sweet balance between profit and play. 

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