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PoE 3.23 Easy Boss Fight Arc Lightning Archmage Hierophant Build

Arc Lightning is one of the most iconic skills in the game. Today we're talking about the Arc Mage variant, which is a powerhouse in the current 3.23 league. With this poe 3.23 build, you can wipe out almost every boss except the Uber Pinnacles. It's a lot like Arc Mage, minus the Mana regeneration, and you can get 40 million burst damage every few seconds with Unleash.



Choosing the Right Ascendancy

This build is built around Hierophant.

Many have considered Elementalist, but Hierophant's recent buff with Arcane Blessing ascendancy node, which gives 20% more spell damage scaling with Arcane Surge, makes it a better choice.

It's now both tankier and more damaging than Elementalist. Add Conviction of Power, and you've got a killer start.

Divine Guidance boosts our mana, while Illuminated Devotion protects us from elemental damage.



Passive Tree Insights

We focus on mana, mana regeneration, power charges, spell damage, crit chance, and lightning penetration in our passive tree.

Two large cluster Jewel setups: one with Caster notables Seal Mener and Sappy, and one with Lightning notables Scintillating Idea and Widespread Destruction.

With mastery options, you can add mana to shock effects, unleash support with another signal, and increase Critical Strike multiplier for unique enemies.



PoB Link:


Gear recommendations

  • Weapons: Two Void Batteries for unparalleled power charge stacking.
  • Helmet: Crown of the Inward Eye, ideally with +1 to maximum Power Charge corruption.
  • Chest: Cloak of Defiance for essential mana and Mind Over Matter Keystone allocation.
  • Amulet: A Zerphi's Foible for mana bonuses, along with anointing Disciple of the Unyielding.
  • Belt: Look for increased Mana recovery rate and high mana and life stats.
  • Gloves: Elder influenced gloves with Mana, life, resistances, and crit chance.
  • Rings: Synthesized rings with spell damage per power charge, crafted for crit multi, Mana regen, and life.
  • Boots: Focus on movement speed, life, mana, resistances, and a necessary dexterity roll.



Gem Setups

  • Main Setup: Vaal Arc, Archmage, Awakened Unleash, Power Charge on Crit, Awakened Lightning Penetration, and Increased Critical Damage.
  • Support Setups: Wrath, Eternal Blessing, Righteous Fire, and Empower. Conductivity, Arcane Cloak, Level 20 Arcane Surge, and Increased Duration for another setup.
  • Movement: Lightning Warp, Faster Casting, Less Duration, and Swift Affliction.


Jewel Recommendations

  • Watcher's Eye: Focus on damage penetration with Wrath.
  • Militant Faith: Must mention High Templar Dominus for Inner Conviction.
  • Healthy Mind: Converts life nodes to Mana.
  • Sublime Vision: Enhances Wrath Aura effect and adds a defensive layer through sapping.


Bandits and Pantheons

  • Bandits: Help Alira for the critical multipliers and resistances.
  • Pantheons: Soul of Brine King for freeze immunity and Soul of Garukhan for shock reduction.

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