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PoE 3.23 Valdo's Puzzle Box Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Path of Exile fans, get ready to explore Valdo's Puzzle Box in the 3.23 update! This exciting new feature, following in the footsteps of the Voidborn Relic keys, comes with unique twists thanks to the 2023 supporter packs. Let's dive into what it has in store!


PoE 3.23 Valdo


Valdo's Puzzle Box Mechanics

  • Supporter Pack Impact: Like the Voidborn Reliquary Key, top-tier supporter packs affect the loot for all.
  • New Challenges: Valdo's Puzzle Box introduces Tier 17 maps with unique mods, moving away from the Voidborn's safer treasure room.


The Void League Danger

  • High Risks: Death in these maps sends your character to the Void League, making it unplayable.
  • Be Cautious: Help in-game strangers carefully; they might trick you into dangerous maps.


Submission Process

  • Diverse Submissions: Expect a mix of rewarding, dangerous, and unique map submissions.
  • Our Approach: We chose the Basilica Map with Barrack Respite Ruby Foiling, focusing on balance and avoiding the Void League mod.


Map Mod Exploration

  • Popularity Boost: Adding random modifiers increases the likelihood of your map appearing.
  • Varied Mods: Mods range from high-risk to fun elements, like extra projectiles or Rampage streaks.
  • Unexpected Encounters: Be ready for Abyss, Breach Lords, and Delirious zones.


Strategic Mod Selection

  • Tailoring Your Experience: Choose mods based on your preferred playstyle and risk level.
  • Mod Impact: Some mods are challenging, while others add a fun twist to the gameplay.


Importance of Awareness

  • Stay Informed: Always be aware of active mods in Valdo's Puzzle Box maps.
  • Community Impact: Your submissions shape the gameplay experience for the whole community.


Navigating Puzzle Box Maps

  • Brace for Surprises: Encounter diverse challenges like meteor strikes and rogue exiles.
  • Prepare for Challenges: Gear up for the unique challenges of each mod.


Valdo's Puzzle Box brings unpredictability and thrills to POE 3.23. Whether seeking challenges or unique rewards, this feature adds a fresh dynamic to the game. Remember to play cautiously, especially with Void League mods, and stay informed about potential risks. Happy adventuring in Wraeclast – may your loot be epic! 

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