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How to Make Thousands of Divine Orbs in POE 3.23?

Hey there, Scissoring here with a juicy guide on raking in those Divine Orbs in Path of Exile 3.23. We've been grinding hardcore trade league, and I've got a stash of tips to share. Remember, the strategies might differ a bit for softcore, but hey, there's wisdom in here for everyone!


How to Make Thousands of Divine Orbs in POE 3.23?


Focus on One Thing

Be the Expert: Rich players in POE have one thing in common – they specialize. Whether it's being the Essence guy or the Heist man, focusing on a single mechanic or a few related ones is key to amassing wealth.


Streaming and Reputation

Building Trust: Even if you're not a streamer, building a reputation in the community for reliable service runs or poe crafting can be incredibly lucrative.


Hardcore Specifics

Early Boss Kills Pay Off: In hardcore, being one of the first to down bosses like Elder or Shaper can bring in serious cash, even for items like Shaper gloves.


Sanctum and Labs

Difficulty is Opportunity: Sanctum got tougher, and that's where the opportunity lies. Run lower-level sanctums for good relics or offer lab services - both are goldmines in hardcore.



Market Gaps: Identify undervalued items or market gaps. For instance, buying up cheap tattoos early can lead to big profits as their value increases.


Gem Heists

Hidden Gem(Heist) Farming: Run gem-specific heists. Some gems, especially in tunnel and repository heists, can go for up to 15 Divine Orbs each.


Essence Running

Steady Profit: Consistently running essences can yield around 7-10 Divines an hour, a reliable way to build wealth.



Slow but Profitable: It might not be the fastest, but Expeditions can be quite profitable, especially in hardcore.


Investing in Rare and Unused Items

Rare Item Flipping: Keep an eye out for rare but unused items. Their value can skyrocket if a popular build starts using them.



Memory of Harvest Beasts: Running these can save you a ton of poe currency on crafting and offer great resale value on some of the rewards.


Streaming and Boss Services

Streamer Advantage: As a streamer, offering boss kill services can be a trust-based gold mine, but anyone with skill can build a reputation for reliable boss kills.


Investing in Potential Meta Changes

Future Meta Investments: Keep an eye on potential meta changes. Buying items that might become popular can lead to huge profits.


Uber Boss Killing

The Ultimate Profit: Killing Ubers in hardcore is incredibly profitable, with rare items fetching hundreds of Divines.


Helping and Educating Others

Community Contribution: After making a profit, help others learn the value of their items. It's all about growing together as a community.


Share Your Tips

Community Knowledge: Got any early league strategies or tips you're willing to share? Drop them in the comments! Let's pool our knowledge for even greater success in future leagues.


And there you have it, folks! Remember, Path of Exile resets every three months, so don't sweat the small stuff. Keep grinding, keep learning, and you'll be swimming in Divine Orbs in no time. 

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