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[PoE 3.23] Top 9 Tips Level Faster To Bow Builds

Hey there, PoE enthusiasts! Today we bringing you nine essential tips for a killer league start if you're leveling with a bow in PoE 3.23. From Lightning Arrow to Tornado Shot, bows are all the rage, and these tips are your key to keeping up with the pros. Whether you're new or a seasoned player, these insights are gold!


[PoE 3.23] Top 9 Tips Level Faster To Bow Builds


Tip 1. Trinity Balance

  • Two, Not Three: You only need to balance two elements, not three. Keep an eye on which element tops your damage chart and adjust accordingly.
  • Overlap Matters: Ensure your elemental damage types overlap in their range for effective Trinity balance.


Tip 2. Campaign Flat Damage Crafting

  • Gather Those Transmutations: They're crucial for buying skills and later for elemental crafts.
  • Crafting Locations Are Key: Use PoB to find crafting spots for damage enhancements on gear, like Solaris Temple for fire and Lunaris Temple for lightning.


Tip 3. Precise Technique Mastery

  • Accuracy Over Life: Ensure your accuracy rating consistently trumps your maximum life to benefit from this technique.
  • Green Sockets for the Win: Aim for bows with green sockets to naturally boost your accuracy.


Tip 4. Fire Mastery Tech

  • 100% Damage Against Ignited Enemies: This fire mastery boosts your damage regardless of the damage type, as long as your enemy is ignited.
  • Consistent Ignites are Crucial: Use auras like Anger or Herald of Ash to guarantee a fire component in your attacks.


Tip 5. Blast Rain Over Artillery Ballista

  • Prioritize Blast Rain: It consistently outperforms Artillery Ballista, especially in single-target scenarios.
  • Leverage Penetration: Blast Rain's penetration bonus is a significant advantage against resistant bosses.


Tip 6. Unique Quiver Recipe

Easy Crafting: Collect Shark Tooth Arrow Quivers and transform any amulet into an Onyx Amulet for a powerful Harbinger Quiver.


Tip 7. Mana on Hit Nodes

  • Sustain with Hits: Pick nodes that provide mana on hit to keep firing without mana woes.
  • Pathing is Essential: Strategically path through these nodes to maintain your mana while leveling up.


Tip 8. Poacher's Mark

  • Sustain and Frenzy: Provides both life and mana on hit, and generates frenzy charges from rare enemies.
  • Great for Boss Fights: Especially useful in long boss encounters where mana and health sustain can be challenging.


Tip 9. Mana Forge Setup

  • Early Game Pairing: Pair Mana Forge Arrows with Puncture for massive damage against early bosses like Brutus.
  • Ensnaring Arrow Bonus: Use Ensnaring Arrow to increase projectile damage against ensnared enemies, boosting your single-target damage output significantly.


Armed with these nine tips, you're all set to dominate with your bow build in PoE 3.23. Remember, it's not just about the skills but also about understanding the mechanics behind them. Happy leveling, and see you in Wraeclast!

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