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5 PoE Core Supporter Packs in 2024: Your Ticket to Wraeclast

Hey there, Wraeclast wanderers! It's Anime Princess, back again to guide you through the dazzling world of the (2024) 5 Core Supporter Packs in Path of Exile. Ready to amp up your style and make your fellow Exiles green with envy? Let's break down these packs, filled to the brim with exclusive swag and epic effects!



5 PoE Core Supporter Packs in 2024: Your Ticket to Wraeclast


Top 1. Kalguuran Runesmith Supporter Pack

POE 2024 Kalguuran Runesmith Supporter Pack

  • Runesmith Glam: Snag the full value in points, a complete armor set, and four additional microtransactions.
  • Crafting Show-Off: Crafting gets a mystical twist with a Kalguuran priest appearing to bless your items.
  • Charged Up Cloak: The Kalguuran Runesmith Cloak lights up when you're at max charges - talk about a power move!
  • Hideout Upgrade: The Kalguuran Forgemaster Station turns your hideout into a blacksmith's dream.
  • Musical Runes: With the Steamchord Rune Decoration, make music with your steps – who needs Spotify?
  • Monster Radar: The Tiskelion Radar Effect points out the big bads, shining based on their rarity. Treasure hunting just got a tech upgrade!


Top 2. Shackled Immortal Supporter Pack

PoE (2024) Shackled Immortal Supporter Pack

  • Unleash Your Inner Core: Metal and flesh peel away with the Shackled Immortal Armour Set, revealing a fiery core as you lose life.
  • Flask Fashion: The Forsaken Flame Back Attachment mirrors your flasks, spilling energy with each use.
  • Apparition Drama: The Shade of Lycia Apparition Effect - it's like your personal energy vampire!
  • PvP Showdown: The Chained Combat Arena Decoration turns your hideout into a gladiator's ring. Who will reign supreme?
  • Musical Monsters: The Goblin Troupe Pet - a trio of critters that celebrate your victories and tease you in defeat.


Top 3. Vaal Serpent-God Supporter Pack

2024 PoE Vaal Serpent-God Supporter Pack

  • Serpentine Style: Slither in style or walk the old-fashioned way with the Vaal Serpent-God Armour Set.
  • Viper Vortex: The cloak creates a swirling snake storm around you – talk about making an entrance!
  • Epic Finisher: The Vaal Behemoth Effect smashes unique enemies, turning them into gory confetti.
  • Bloodthirsty Flask: The Sacrificial Life Flask draws healing blood from fallen foes. Creepy? Yes. Cool? Absolutely.
  • Mysterious Portal: The Atzoatl Map Device - a single, ruby-inlaid portal that keeps track of your entries.


Top 4. Karui Elemancer Supporter Pack

POE 2024 Karui Elemancer Supporter Pack

  • Elemental Elegance: Show off your elemental mastery with the Karui Elemancer Armour Set and Weapon Effect.
  • Wave Rider: The Karui Waverider Effect - surf through battles like a boss!
  • Ancestral Portal: Chieftain Portal Effect - summon warrior spirits for epic storytelling.
  • Weather Wizard: The Elemancer's Totem Decoration - control the weather in your hideout. Who needs a weather app?


Top 5. Sandwraith Assassin Supporter Pack

POE 2024 Sandwraith Assassin Supporter Pack

  • Bone Collector: Collect bones with the Sandwraith Assassin Armour Set, summoning a mastodon for bone-crushing action.
  • Grove Guardian: The Heart of the Grove Horticrafting Station grows with your lifeforce input. It's not just gardening; it's epic gardening!
  • Maraketh Energy: The Wheel of Pain Map Device uses incarcerated souls to open your portals, tracking your kills.
  • Hideout Labyrinth: The Enigma Hideout features morphing floors and walls – a decorator's delight!


PC Exclusive: Customize Your Map

  • Be a Creator: PC Sandwraith Assassin supporters can design their own map - choose the area, loot, and even a personal message!
  • Valdo's Puzzle Box: Create a Tier 17 map with unique mods, including some you can't find anywhere else. Go wild with untainted monsters or detonation totems!
  • Map Mod Challenge: The harder the mods, the more likely your map appears from the puzzle box. Challenge accepted?


Special Perks

Console Love: Console supporters can purchase the map submission feature separately - contact customer support for the deets!


These packs are your all-access pass to the coolest cosmetics and effects in PoE. Available only until the next series drops in 2024. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and support the game we all love! Thanks for all your support, Exiles – you rock! 

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