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What are the hardest achievements in Final Fantasy XIV?

FFXIV has 2,751 achievements, so there is more to it than skills in this guide. I will walk you through some of the toughest challenges in Final Fantasy XIV without sacrificing your sanity as an MMO player who enjoys psychological and physical challenges.



What are the hardest achievements in Final Fantasy XIV?


Leader of the Pack

  • Type: PvP
  • Requirement: Win 5,000 matches
  • Reward: Title - The Alpha Wolf
  • Completion Rate: <1%

With PvP not being the most popular aspect of the game, this achievement stands out for the sheer number of victories it demands. It is a true test of your team's PvP skills, or, alternatively, a testament to your team's ability to carry out missions.


Die Another Day V

  • Type: PvP
  • Requirement: Win 1,000 matches in Rival Wings
  • Reward: Title - The Wings of Fire
  • Completion Rate: 0.2%

Rival Wings is not the most popular PvP mode, which results in longer queue times and a greater challenge for this already challenging achievement.


Leve Quest Legends

  • Type: Leve Quests
  • Requirement: Complete numerous Leve Quests
  • Reward: Bragging rights, primarily
  • Completion Rate: <1%

Leve Quests are not popular and lack significant rewards, which makes them a true grind for completionists and masochists alike.


Bring Your A-Game VI

  • Type: Hunt
  • Requirement: Slay 5,000 Rank S Elite Marks
  • Reward: Title - Ultimate Drill Seeker
  • Completion Rate: 0.4%

In spite of the fact that this is a team effort, it requires significant coordination and time investment, making it an ambitious goal even for the most dedicated hunters.


You Got Game

  • Type: Hunt
  • Requirement: Complete Bring Your A-Game V and Bring Your S-Game V
  • Reward: Centurio Tiger mount
  • Completion Rate: Higher, but still tough

The stunning rewards of this achievement make it a dream for many individuals, but obtaining it requires a prolonged and collaborative effort.


Lord of Verminion

  • Type: Minigame
  • Requirement: Master the Verminion minigame
  • Reward: Title - Lord or Lady of Verminion
  • Completion Rate: 0.2%

Verminion is a rare achievement due to its complexity and obscurity. You have a better chance of success if you understand the game.


Palace Pioneer III

  • Type: Solo Dungeon
  • Requirement: Clear Palace of the Dead floors 1-200 solo
  • Reward: Title - The Necromancer
  • Completion Rate: 1%

This solo endeavor is undoubtedly one of the most significant achievements in Final Fantasy XIV, and a true test of skill and reflexes.


For the Hoard

  • Type: Deep Dungeon
  • Requirement: Discover 20,000 pieces of Aetherpool Gear
  • Reward: Title - The Accursed
  • Completion Rate: 0.03%

Due to the sheer magnitude and luck required, this achievement represents a Herculean undertaking.


Criterion Core

  • Type: Dungeon (Savage)
  • Requirement: Complete all Criterion dungeons in Savage mode
  • Reward: Title - Epic Hero
  • Completion Rate: Extremely low

This achievement, involving the newest content with disabled revive abilities and an enrage timer, demonstrates teamwork and strategic prowess.



This list provides insight into the most challenging achievements within Final Fantasy XIV, regardless of whether you are seeking achievements or trying to master the game's hardest tasks.

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