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[PoE 3.23] Ice Spear Cast on Crit (CoC) Deadeye Build: Speed Demon & Uber Heist

Hey there, Exiles! We divine with a fresh build to exciting your POE adventures – the Transfigured Gem Ice Spear Cast on Crit (CoC) Deadeye build. This one's a speed demon with impressive clear and decent tankiness, perfect for Heist where dying isn't an option. We've experimented with bows and wands, but let's dive into the bow version first. Ready? Let's get frosty!


[PoE 3.23] Ice Spear Cast on Crit (CoC) Deadeye Build: Speed Demon & Uber Heist


Key Mechanics

  • Ice Spear of Splitting (Main Skill): We leveled with this in Asenath's Mark. It's a fantastic choice for full cold damage, offering great clear and base damage, though it trades off some crit multi compared to the regular Ice Spear.
  • Bow Over Wands (For Now): Started with bows for this setup. The bow's cooldown syncs well with the attack speed, ensuring each attack fires off the spell.
  • Linking and Gearing: Linked with Added Cold Damage, Increased Critical Strikes, and Returning Projectiles in Asenath's Mark. For leveling, Ice Shot in Thousand Ribbons worked wonders.
  • Skill Behavior: Ice Spear of Splitting works like Snipers Mark. It splits upon hitting a target or a wall, creating a wider clear.
  • Ascendancy & Passives: Focused on movement speed, crit, accuracy, and cold damage. End game setup will include clusters and charms for extra speed.


Different Setups Tested

  • Ice Shot with Chain: Great for clearing. The chain mechanic works beautifully with the projectile nature of Ice Spear.
  • Returning Projectiles: Increases the chance to hit more targets, compensating for the less frequent attacks.
  • Tornado Shot with GMP: While cool-looking, it doesn't add much value due to the build's already wide coverage.
  • Tornado Shot with Chain: My personal favorite. It offers an extensive reach and complements the build's map clearing focus.
  • Added Cold: Affects both the attack and the spell, providing a nice boost to overall damage.


Gear and Crafting Insights

  • Bow: Fractured base with added lightning damage. Aim for high DPS.
  • Leveling Gear: Mix of unique items like Mageblood and basic gear for crit and cold damage.
  • Amulet: Defiance of Destiny for pre-hit life boost. Key for survivability.
  • Passive Tree Focus: Prioritizing projectile speed, crit, and movement speed.


PoE 3.23 Ice Spear CoC Deadeye Build Passive Tree and Gear Up


Gameplay and Strategy

  • Heist-Focused: This build shines in Heist with its quick clear and ability to avoid death.
  • Freezing Mechanics: Understanding freeze and ailment duration is key to control bosses and tough mobs.
  • Attack Speed & CoC Synergy: Ensuring the attack speed aligns with the CoC cooldown is crucial for maximum efficiency.


Future Plans and Improvements

  • Charm and Cluster Jewels: Will be focusing on adding these for more speed and damage.
  • Fine-Tuning Passives: Will adjust the tree for endgame, including possibly anointing Breath of Rime.
  • Further Gear Optimization: Planning to enhance gear for better crit, damage, and defenses.


PoB Link:


That's the gist of our new Ice Spear CoC build – a delightful blend of speed, clear, and frosty fun. Still a work in progress, but we are excited to see where it goes. If you’ve got suggestions or ideas, drop them in the comments.

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