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[PoE 3.23] Mana Righteous Fire JUGG/INQ Builds: In-Depth & Thoughts

Hello, Exile community! Today, We diving deep into the Mana Righteous Fire (RF) build, which we've been tweaking and perfecting in PoE 3.23. This might be our last update on this build, considering different approaches, but there's still a lot to unpack. So, let's roll into the details and explore what makes this build tick!


[PoE 3.23] Mana Righteous Fire JUGG/INQ Builds: In-Depth & Thoughts


Key Features

  • Mapping Focus: It's more of a high-budget RF mapping build. Think of it as an "explode RF" with immense area-of-effect (AOE) and clear speed.
  • Key Gear: Key items include an automated Orfn for constant AOE boost, synergizing perfectly with the Hant node.
  • Budget: It's not a budget build - close to 100 divines in trade league prices. But, you can start with around 30 divines and still get decent performance.


Uber Boss Encounters

  • Uber Elder: Tricky due to Scorching Ray's stationary nature. Mobility is a challenge.
  • Uber Shaper: Much more manageable. You can face tank most mechanics, making it ideal for this fight.


Build Mechanics

  • Indigon's Role: Central to the build, enhancing spell damage as you spend mana. This means your RF damage can skyrocket but requires careful mana management.
  • Mana Management: Using items like Shavronne's Revelation boosts mana, essential for Indigon's mechanics. The more mana, the quicker you can ramp damage.
  • Aura Choices: Swapping Determination for Purity of Elements offers more comfort in mapping, sacrificing some resistance for flexibility and clear speed.


Strengths & Limitations

  • Mapping: Excellent for standard mapping and high delirium layers.
  • Squishiness: The build can feel squishy in certain high-damage league mechanics.
  • Bossing: Struggles with mobile bosses due to ramp-up time required for maximum damage.


Gear & Development

  • Watcher's Eye: A significant investment, with double conversion and Clarity bonus.
  • Resistances and Chaos Res: Focused on balancing resistances, especially chaos resistance, to handle league mechanics better.
  • Potential for More ES: Considering using two Split Personality jewels for boosting energy shield (ES) up to around 18,000.
  • Jewels and Flasks: Aimed at enhancing mana and ES, crucial for the build's performance.


Skills & Linking

  • Righteous Fire: Linked with Arcane Surge, Control Destruction, Swift Affliction, Awakened Deadly Focus, and Awakened Burning Damage for maximum damage output.
  • Support Skills: Frost Blink with Arcane Surge for mobility and mana dumping, essential for Indigon's mechanics.
  • Auras: Discipline, Purity of Fire, and Purity of Elements for ES, fire resistance, and overall survivability.


Passive Tree & Ascendancy

  • Focused on mana nodes, energy shield, and life regeneration converted to ES.
  • Hierophant ascendancy for leveraging Arcane Surge and mana-related benefits.
  • Pain Attunement for more damage at low life, synergizing with the Ivory Tower setup.


Playstyle & Strategy

  • In mapping, the focus is on fast movement and clearing, using Shield Charge and Frost Blink.
  • For bosses, positioning and managing Arcane Surge and mana is key to sustaining high damage output.
  • The build requires constant attention to mana levels and RF's intensity, making it a bit more complex than standard RF builds.


This Mana Righteous Fire build offers a unique spin on the classic RF setup. It excels in mapping and can handle some of the toughest bosses with the right strategy. However, it's not without its challenges, especially in terms of squishiness and managing the ramp-up for maximum damage. It's a build that requires investment, both in terms of PoE currency and learning its intricacies. If you're looking for a high-reward, high-skill-cap build, this might be the perfect project for your next Path of Exile adventure!

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