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[PoE 3.23] Hybrid Crit Winter Orb Slayer Build Update: All-Round Superhero

Hey there, Exiles! Welcome to the lowdown on Winter Orb Slayer – the cold-hearted, charge-stacking wrecking ball in the PoE 3.23 update. Hold onto your loot, because this character's journey is a wild ride, packed with upgrades that'll make your jaw drop. It's like that buddy who suddenly hits the gym and gets their life together – faster, tanker, and just all-around epic. 



[PoE 3.23] Hybrid Crit Winter Orb Slayer Build Update: All-Round Superhero


Map Showcase

Let's jump into action! Running two maps – one without the league mechanic and the other with it. Get ready for frosty chaos!


Map 1: No League Mechanic

AOE Galore: 300% increased area of effect turns the map into a winter wonderland. Speed, tankiness, and freezing abilities make it a breeze.


Map 2: League Mechanic Active

Triple-Empowered Madness: Insane speed, tankiness, and AOE help me breeze through chaos. Rarely any deaths, even against bosses.


Gearing Up

Now, let's dive into the Winter Orb Slayer setup.

  • Helm Shenanigans: Wearing a funky helmet for power charges? Yep, that's me. It's a mid-investment version, costing around 25-30 divine orbs.
  • Charge Stacking Magic: Stacking power charges like there's no tomorrow. Rach Impatience and new Rish boots make maintaining charges a cakewalk. No need to run around naked to build up charges anymore.
  • Plug-and-Play Build: The beauty of this Winter Orb Slayer? It's plug-and-play. Generic damage, cast speed, and movement speed make it versatile. Switch up skills like a Flame Blast or Lightning Conduit—it's your playground.


Masterful Charge Stacking

Let's break down the charge stacking madness.

  • Power Charge Stacking: Rocking 11 power charges, translating to an 88% more damage boost. The synergy with Frenzy and Endurance charges is off the charts. Triple damage belts and items make this build a powerhouse.
  • Replica Restless Ward: Movement speed and life regen galore. Absurd life regen per endurance charge keeps me alive. Replica Restless Ward adds another layer of survivability.
  • Malachai's Loop: A seemingly terrible shield turned into a gem. With Rach boots, losing power charges isn't a concern. Shock immunity from Tempest Shield adds a nice touch.
  • Void Battery: Undisputed best in slot. +1 max power charge and increased damage per power charge. More power charges mean more mayhem.
  • Gem Slots Dilemma: So many gem slots, so little time. Currently toying with skills like Immortal Call, Death Portal, and more. It's like having a treasure chest and not enough loot.


Upgrades and Further Shenanigans

What's next for this Winter Orb Slayer? More damage, of course!

  • Penetration Love: Adding cold penetration through gear or an Awakened Cold Pen gem is on the agenda. Crit and crit multi need a boost, and penetration is the secret sauce.
  • Max Power Charge Ring Shenanigans: Crafting a max power charge ring paired with Candra's Touch is the dream. Helm corruption for One max power charge? It's a possibility.
  • Medium Cluster Jewels: Consider swapping AOE for crit multi per power charge. It's a delicate dance between AOE and damage, but the more multipliers, the merrier.


PoB Link:


In the ever-expanding world of PoE, Winter Orb Slayer stands tall and frosty. Insane movement speed, tankiness, and damage make this build a joy to play. Whether you're mapping or facing endgame bosses, it's a pleasure. So, gear up, Exiles, and let the Winter Orb Slayer guide you through the icy chaos of Wraeclast! Until next time, stay frosty.

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