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OSRS Best Methods for Effortless Skill Training Guides

You can learn AFK skills in Old School RuneScape with this comprehensive guide! This guide covers everything from basic AFK concepts to advanced strategies for specific skills, so no matter what your schedule is, AFK training is an essential skill.


Understanding AFK Training

In OSRS, AFK is a popular method for training skills without much active involvement.

It can be ideal for players who want to play while multitasking or taking breaks.

In most cases, AFK activities last between 15 and a minute, but some extend beyond that.


Essential Tools for AFK Training

  • Logout Timer - RuneLite Plugin: This plugin extends the automatic logout time from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, ensuring you remain logged in when AFK.
  • Jagex Launcher: Simplify your login process. With the Jagex Launcher, you can quickly jump back into the game with a single click.


Why AFK?

You can accumulate experience, osrs gold, and resources effortlessly with AFK training, and many of them are seamlessly compatible with the OSRS mobile app, making them perfect for players on the go.


Favorite AFK Activities

  • Training for Combat (Gargoyles): RuneLite offers a plugin to help you train efficiently for combat. Gargoyles, in particular, offer great rewards in experience and wealth.
  • Fishing and cooking: These skills are low-effort and profitable. The Fish Barrel can drastically reduce the frequency of bank visits.
  • Mining and Slayer: Both can be trained in a semi-AFK manner, especially in locations like the Motherlode Mine or while pursuing non-boss Slayer tasks.


Non-AFK Skills

Some skills, like Agility, Construction, and Thieving, are less suitable for AFK training.

For these, more active engagement is required for efficient progress.


Advanced AFK Strategies

  • Ranged/Magic Training: Maniacal Monkeys are excellent for AFK training using chinampas or ice spells.
  • Runecrafting: Blood Runes offer a relatively AFK experience.
  • Smithing: Dart tips are a great way to AFK while smithing.
  • Woodcutting: Redwood trees provide a balance of good experience and profitability.


Conclusion: Balancing RuneScape with Life

You can balance RuneScape with your busy lifestyle with AFK training. If you're looking to add to your gaming experience or just progress in OSRS without constant attention, the AFK methods outlined in this guide will help. 

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