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PoE 3.23 Blight Farming Guide: Maximum Profit & Run Efficiently

Hey, Path of Exile enthusiasts! Now we've been your guide to amassing wealth in PoE 3.23 using Blight mechanics. Blight farming has been a lucrative strategy for a while, and it remains effective in the current Affliction League. Let's dive into how you can get Blight maps, anoint them for maximum profit, and run them efficiently.


PoE 3.23 Blight Farming Guide: Maximum Profit & Run Efficiently


Snatching Those Blighted Maps

  • Where to Find 'Em: Focus on Atlas maps with plenty of chokepoints, like Temple or Underground River.
  • Atlas Strategy: Use specific Atlas nodes that favor Blight encounters. It's all about getting those Blighted maps.


Atlas Nodes

  • The Must-Haves: Epidemiology for more Blighted maps in chests, and Blight Spawn for profitable extractors. Don't forget Distilled Fungus for that bonus Blight boss.
  • Extra Damage: Star Deconstruction speeds up monster kills, making your Blight runs more efficient.
  • Pairing Mechanics: We usually pair Blight with Harvest mechanics, but feel free to mix and match with others like Breaches or Delirium.


Setting Up Your Map

  • Scarabs are Key: Use Polish Blighted Scarabs for an extra boss or Rust Blighted Scarabs if you're on a budget.
  • Guilded Scarabs: These offer more rewards but are pricey and harder to find. Use them wisely.


Atlas Compasses

They're great for boosting oil drops. If you can afford it, use them with Gilded Blighted Scarabs for maximum profit.


Boosting Blighted Maps

  • The Standard: Three Crimson oils usually do the trick.
  • Build Struggles: Mix in some Ember oils to reduce tower costs.
  • Seeking Extra Rewards: Try two Crimson and one Black oil.


Avoid These Map Mods

  • Big No-Nos: Avoid mods like Monsters cannot be stunned or Monster speeds cannot be modified. They can mess up your runs.
  • To Corrupt or Not: Corrupting maps can backfire with these mods, so be cautious.


Atlas Passives and Blighted Maps

Spoiler Alert: No, they don't. Your Atlas passives won't work in Blighted Maps. Focus your Atlas bonuses elsewhere.


How Profitable Are Blighted Maps?

  • Expected Earnings: Averages 25-50 Chaos Orbs per map, mainly from stack decks and oils.
  • Big Drops Are a Bonus: You might hit the jackpot with items like Enlighten or The Doctor.


Handling Blight Ravaged Maps

  • High Risk, High Reward: These maps can be tricky. We usually sell them and stick to normal Blights for consistent gains.
  • Anointing Strategy: Focus on maximizing your returns if you decide to take them on.


Anointing Blight-Ravaged Maps

Go for Gold: Use combinations of Crimson, Black, and even Silver oils for the best mix of rewards and quantity.


Choosing Mods

Play It Safe: Avoid risky mods and go for high quantity without corruption to ensure a smoother run.


Boosting Quantity & Loot Further

Sacrifices and More: Use sacrifices to increase the quality and loot of your maps. Morals are an option if you have the budget.


Anointing Rings

Best Picks: Empowering and Meteor are top choices. They significantly boost your tower's effectiveness.


Best Tower Combo

The Winning Trio: Level 3 Freezing, Physical, and Empowering towers are your best bet for holding off enemies.


Tackling Blights

Start Small: If your build is weak, start with white Blighted Maps and use a mix of Embers and Crimson oils for balance.


Running Blight Without Gear

Tower Power: Even without gear, the right tower setup can carry you through. It's all about strategic placement and upgrades.


Blight farming in PoE 3.23 is a solid strategy for early league profit. It doesn't require heavy investment and is suitable for various builds. With the right approach, you can earn enough currency to buy high-end items like Mageblood. Remember, the key is choosing the right maps, anointing them effectively, and using your towers strategically.

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