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[PoE 3.23] MoM Crit CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor Build: Efficiently Farming & Boss Killing

Hello, everyone! Today, We are thrilled to share with the PoE 3.23 CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor Build. This build allowed you to farm a mage body in just five days and rack up 250 Divine orbs in under two weeks! It's an incredibly powerful build for farming in both New Map and Simulacrum, and it's surprisingly tanky too. So, let's dive in and see what makes this build tick!



[PoE 3.23] MoM Crit CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor Build: Efficiently Farming & Boss Killing


Core Machine

  • Recent Buffs: Enhanced quality stats on the gem, making it easier to achieve high energy shield numbers.
  • Damage Scaling: Focus on the damage of the Energy Blade rather than the spell itself.


Choosing Skills and Projectiles

  • Skill Flexibility: Experiment with different skills; all work well with Energy Blade.
  • Shotgunning: Utilize skills like Ice Spear for their shotgunning abilities.


Essential Gear

  • Body Armour: Ior Tower for scaling life and reserving it for more ES potential.
  • Helmet: Crown of the Inver Eye for its all-around utility.
  • Gloves: Shaper's Touch, synergizing well with the Inquisitor's attribute scaling.
  • Boots: Stamped for consistent movement speed.
  • Amulet: Asantis for a budget-friendly option with beneficial implicits.
  • Rings: Focus on strength and chaos resistance; look for good fractured rings and roll Intelligence.
  • Belt: A cheap unique option or a high-end crafted belt for upgrades.


Key Flasks

  • Corrosive Elixir: Essential for surviving chaos damage.
  • Elemental Damage Mitigation Flasks: To compensate for the lack of elemental resistances from gear.
  • Orat and Shaper Flasks: For mapping and single-target damage.


Watcher's Eye and Charms

  • Watcher's Eye: Look for mods like energy shield gain on hit for additional survivability.
  • Charms: Focus on boosting critical strike chance and gaining power charges.


Ascendancy Choices

  • Inquisitor: For attribute stacking, resistance penetration, and battle mage perks.
  • Primeist: Best for additional triggering options and endurance charge generation.


Gearing Up

  • Look for Unique Items: They're common and often come with useful corrupted implicits.
  • Manage Your Life and Energy Shield: Maximize life to boost ES potential.
  • Corrupted Items: Be mindful of the extra cost for socketing and linking.


PoE 3.23 MoM Crit CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor Build Passive Tree and Gear Up


Dealing with Chaos Damage

  • Chaos Damage Vulnerability: Use the Corrosive Elixir flask to protect against chaos damage.
  • Flask Quality: Enhance the Corrosive Elixir for better effectiveness.


Skill and Gem

  • Cast on Critical Strike: The main mechanic, ensuring spells trigger on critical hits.
  • Skill Flexibility: Experiment with Ice Spear and Sand for different playstyles.
  • Gem Quality: Focus on gem quality rather than level for the Energy Blade.


Managing Mana and Critical Strikes

  • Mana Management: Utilize mana leech and reduced mana cost modifiers.
  • Critical Strike Cap: Aim for 100% crit chance against evasive monsters.


Defensive Strategies

  • Layered Defenses: Combine armor, evasion, elemental resistances, and energy shield for robust protection.
  • Surviving Tough Content: The build can comfortably handle Simulacrum 30 and tough boss fights.


PoB Link:


This PoE 3.23 CoC Ice Inquisitor build is not just fun to play but also extremely effective for farming and boss killing. While it might not be the best league starter or suitable for hardcore, it's a fantastic second character for players looking to step up their game. Remember, always fine-tune your build to match your playstyle, and don't be afraid to experiment with different skills and items. 

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