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Why is Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation the top choice among Wand Users in PoE 3.23?

Hello PoE fans! Today we are exploring the Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation, a skill that has been dominating PoE 3.23. I was skeptical at first because of my experiences with Kinetic Bolt in the past. This skill has blown me away! Let's see what makes it more powerful now especially for single target scenarios.


Why is Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation the top choice among Wand Users in PoE 3.23?


Single-Target Potential

  • Sniper's Mark Synergy: The way that this skill works with Sniper's Mark is really crazy. More on that later… but let's just say that the damage is off the charts!
  • Example: With Sniper's Mark, you can see a flood of poison stacks indicating colossal potential for damage.


Transforming into a Clear Speed Monster

Key Elements:

  • Projectile Speed: Range is crucial.
  • Fork and Awakened Fork: Awakened Fork really boosts range.
  • Chain Synergy: It goes well with this skill, unlike most other Fork and Chain interactions.
  • Returning Projectiles: Zigzag patterns aid in enhancing this ability.


Archetypes for Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation

  • Spell Damage Conversion: Increases and reductions to spell damage also apply to attack damage at 250% of their value. That is insane!
  • Archetype Examples:
    • Strength Stacker with Iron Will: Strength converted to spell damage gives Kinetic Bolt a major boost in terms of its own damage output.
    • Mana Stacker with Indigon: Could be quite powerful but awkward to fully utilize.
    • Ratpith Globe: Interesting, however it might not be the best solution right now.


Gameplay and Mechanics

  • Nemesis vs. Returning Projectiles: Depending on your damage output, make your choice. Nemesis provides you 360-degree coverage whereas Returning Projectiles will increase your focused damage output.
  • Phasing Importance: With respect to Nemesis, it is the most important feature for positioning.
  • Skill Scalability: This is not a plug-and-play skill, but one that needs proper scaling to unlock its potential fully.


Mapping and Single-Target Showcase

  • Experience: Showing how this skill performs in a mapping situation brings out both its clear speed and single target effectiveness.
  • Sniper's Mark Interaction: This is why such insane damage output happens. Each projectile creates more projectiles that then go back to the player.


Budget Considerations

  • Not a Budget Skill: Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation requires serious investment if you want to make the most out of it especially when it comes to spell damage conversion.
  • Wand Skills in 3.23: It stands out as one of the best wand skills despite its cost due to its high single-target damage output.


To summarize, Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation in PoE 3.23 is an amazing skill provided it’s highly scaled specifically for single target damage. Although it may seem like a difficult skill to master at first, the reward is worth every penny spent on it thus making it among the most preferred choices for wand users this league. 

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