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RuneScape 3 AFK Gold Making Guides with 8M GP/H on Year 2024

Are you interested in increasing your gold reserves in RuneScape 3 without dedicating much time to it? In our guide for the year 2024, there are four amazing AFK ways you can use which can get you approximately six and eight million Runescape 3 GP every hour. These methods are designed with various levels in mind and cater to different interests bringing something for everyone.


RuneScape 3 AFK Gold Making Guides with 8M GP/H on Year 2024


Charging with the Divine-o-Matic Vacuum



  • 95 Divination
  • 101 Invention
  • Divination Cape (optional but beneficial)
  • Elder Divination Outfit
  • Enrichment Aura (legendary or any level)



  • Preferably on World 79, go to the Incandescent Energy area found in Poison Waste.
  • Charge empty divine charges using the Divine-o-Matic Vacuum (either bought or crafted).
  • These charged ones can be sold at a profit on GE.
  • At least enjoy around 7 million GP and approximately 70K XP per hour.



  • Max Guild Skilling teleport is good to use here if you wish not to waste too much time on travel.
  • You should concentrate on enriched wisps because they give faster charge rates.


Abyssal Beasts: Slayer and Necromancy



  • 105 Slayer
  • 90+ Necromancy
  • Recommended: 95 Prayer, Soul Split, Demon Slayer perk



In most cases abyssal beasts commonly found in places like wilderness or personal slayer dungeons become threats that need to be combated.

  • Utilize Necromancy abilities for efficient kills.
  • As a result, expect about 7 million GP and 780K Necromancy XP per hour.
  • Increase DPS with power gear and Cinderbane gloves.


Gear Tips:

  • Additional benefits come from attaching Death Dealer armor.
  • Think about Amulet of Souls or Blood Amulet of Fury.


Crafting Lesser Necroplasm



  • 20 Necromancy minimum, 90 recommended for higher profits
  • Access to Tier 3 Ritual Site



  • Purchase weak necroplasm, conduct rituals at the Tier 3 site.
  • Use multiplication glyphs to improve yields.
  • Earn about eight million gold pieces in an hour while doing almost nothing else.
  • Expect this to be around 15K XP per hour if you are not actively managing disturbances.


Efficiency Tips:

  • This will also give a boost in production by 5% when used together with T2 Tome.
  • Maintain efficiency by repairing glyphs whenever necessary.


Necromancy at Krill



  • 70 Constitution, Troll Stronghold quest
  • 80+ Necromancy
  • Recommended: Poison Purge Aura or Venom Blood perk



  • Necromancy is used to fight Krill.
  • Every two minutes loot collection to get the most out of it.
  • This may give you about six million gp and approximately 350K necromancy xp in each hour as a result.


Equipment Advice:

  • You can gain much by using Death Dealer armor here too since it has additional advantages as well.
  • No need but one may also choose Demonhorn necklace for its extra bonuses if they want to have more benefits from it during play time which is not mandatory though it is optional according to my perception on this matter.



These methods are perfect for different kinds of players because they combine profit and skill training. These techniques offer great rewards and require little engagement whether you are improving your slayer powers through killing abyssal beasts or engaging in necromancy art.

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