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[PoE 3.23]Detonate Dead Chieftain Build Update: Versatile & Deadly

Hey there, fellow Path of Exile enthusiasts! It's your buddy Katrina here. Are you ready to shake up your gameplay with something explosively awesome? If you're nodding yes, then strap in for the ultimate guide on the Detonate Dead Chieftain Build for PoE 3.23. Get ready to detonate your way to glory!



[PoE 3.23]Detonate Dead Chieftain Build Update: Versatile & Deadly


Build Basics

  • No More Righteous Fire: We're steering clear of it due to tricky situations with less recovery from altars.
  • Endurance Charges: Still a big yes! We're not dropping these bad boys.


Jewel Jugglery

Immutable Force + Bloodnotch Combo: The heart of our build. Immutable Forces for that sweet stun and block recovery, and Blood Notch for a whopping 60% recovery from stun hits. Aim for a high roll on Immutable Forces, ideally 950+.


Triggering the Magic

Stun Mechanism: Spec into energy shield and its mastery to ensure every hit stuns you, triggering our stunning recovery mechanism.


Life Recoup & Anointment Changes

  • Life Recoup Additions: Grab some life recoup nodes for that extra survivability.
  • Vampirism Anointment: A great choice for additional life recoup.


Chaos Resistance Strategy

Cluster Jewel Swap: We're relying on a small cluster jewel for chaos resistance, aiming for a 35% increase.


Avoiding One-Shots

Additional Mitigation: We've got strategies in place to avoid those pesky one-shots, even in super tough maps.


PoE 3.23 Detonate Dead Chieftain Build Passive Tree and Gear Up


Getting Stunned Intentionally

Energy Shield Setup: Low energy shield ensures we get stunned, activating our recovery mechanisms.


Gem Links & Pantheon Powers

  • Detonate Dead & Cast When Stunned Support: A killer combo that automates our explosive mayhem.
  • Pantheon Swap: Switch to Soul of Lunaris for damage reduction and Arctic Armor for physical and fire damage reduction.


Budget-Friendly Setup Tips

Don't Sweat the High-End Gear: You can still set up this build on a budget. Focus on the essentials like a good roll on Defiance of Destiny and a Fulcrum staff.


The Build in Action: Walk up to enemies, and let the chain reaction of explosions do the rest. It's as satisfying as it sounds!


PoB Link:


And there you have it, folks – your complete guide to mastering the Detonate Dead Chieftain in PoE 3.23. Remember, whether you're on a shoestring budget or ready to splurge, this build is versatile and deadly. So go ahead, give it a try, and watch as your enemies explode in a glorious chain of destruction. 

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