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Poe 3.23 Endgame Quiver Crafting Guide: Everything You Need To Know

If you are ready to craft an endgame quiver for Caustic Arrow, Lightning Arrow, or Tornado Shot in Path of Exile 3.23 – here's how you do it! You know what? We've seen hell a lot of crafting guides in this PoE community, but they are more like handbooks or step-by-step manuals than anything else.


Rather it is an extensive discourse on how to make something unique in every sense of the word. This one needs at least 10 Divine orbs if you have them – definitely not for the faint-hearted or light-pocketed!


Poe 3.23 Endgame Quiver Crafting Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Choosing the Base

  • Feathered Arrow Quiver: Best for projectile speed and feel.
  • Broadhead Arrow Quiver: Nice option with attack speed implicit.
  • Primal Arrow Quiver: Elemental damage of attack skills implicit makes it perfect for those who want raw damage.


Fractured Mods to Aim For

  • Fractured Critical Strike Multiplier with Bow Skills or Projectile Speed: ideal for LA/TS builds.
  • Fractured Damage Over Time Multiplier with Attack Skills: go-to mod for Caustic Arrow.


Crafting Steps

  • Rolling for Flat Elemental Damage – Either Deafening Essence of Anguish (fire damage) or Torment (lightning damage). Both work, but lightning is more popular.
  • Live Crafting Demonstration – Spam Essences on your quiver looking for affixes like accuracy, attack speed, projectile speed or even +1 arrow if elusive enough.
  • Dealing with Suffixes and Prefixes – Sometimes if there are good prefixes but bad suffixes it's better to roll over. Look out mods such as accuracy, projectile speed or chaos resistance among others.


Finishing the Item

  • Annulling Strategy – proceed with caution if you need to remove unwanted mods. Remember that it is gambling.
  • Crafting Bench Maneuvers – use "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers" to secure the stats you need and put a neat finishing touch on your masterpiece.


Alternatives for Tight Budgets

  • Shrieking Essences: More economical than Deafening.
  • Rogue Exiles: Sometimes they drop usable quivers.
  • Fractured Mod Adjustments: Save currency by choosing a lower-tier fractured mod.


Tips and Tricks

  • Economic Sensibility – always check prices and adjust your strategy as per what is happening in the market at the moment.
  • Resource Allocation – there are substantial investments that will need to be made for the highest tier quiver.
  • Quality of Life vs. Raw Damage – determine what you want based on your build and play style.


Crafting an endgame Quiver in Path of Exile 3.23 is an art, which requires patience, resources, and even some luck. Therefore, whether you are aiming for a Caustic Arrow, Lightning Arrow or Tornado Shot build; this guide will make sure you have a good starting point to create a unique quiver. Subscribe for more crafting insights and good luck with your crafting endeavors!

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