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[PoE 3.23] Molten Strike Trickster Build: Ultimate Survivability & Damage

Learn how to create an insane tankiness with Molten Strike Trickster build in PoE 3.23! Today is our day for presenting this smashing build guide. This guide covers gear choices, passive skills, everything about building up survivability and damage output at its peak.



[PoE 3.23] Molten Strike Trickster Build: Ultimate Survivability & Damage


Weapon: Ephemeral Edge

  • Vital for the Build: Adds maximum lightning damage equal to 20% of maximum energy shield.
  • Must-have Mod: Resolute Technique corruption (for hit accuracy).
  • Crafting Tip: Buy non-corrupted ones and corrupt them yourself. It’s not worth buying already corrupted ones for a high price.


Amulet: Voices of the Storm

  • Unique Feature: Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky.
  • Benefit: Better damage on average due to "Lucky" mechanic.


Keystone: Precise Technique

  • Effect: 40% more Attack Damage if Accuracy Rating is higher than Maximum Life.
  • Note: For Chaos Inoculation builds where maximum life is equal to one.


Energy Shield and Defense

  • Main Source: Escape Artist node in Trickster ascendancy.
  • Ideal Armor: High evasion and energy shield hybrid body armor.
  • Mastery: Evasion rating conversion for further energy shield boost.
  • Supplemental Defense: Aspect of the Crab for physical damage reduction.


Charms and Additional Gear

  • Charms: Extra maximum energy shield as mana priority and chance for more area damage.
  • Ring: Anathema that offers additional curses and intelligence too.
  • Belt: Hunter base crystal belt with % attribute increase preferably.
  • Boots and Helmet: Focus on high energy shield and intelligence values.


PoE 3.23 Molten Strike Trickster Build Passive Tree, Gear, and Flasks



  • Types: Sapphire, Topaz, And Ruby flasks.
  • Mods: Increased charge recovery or reduced charge use should be searched for here.


Pantheons and Bandits

  • Major Pantheon : Soul of Solaris for bossing, Soul of Lunaris for mapping.
  • Minor Pantheon : Soul of Tukohama.
  • Bandits: Two passive points should be chosen from here.


Passive Tree and Jewels

  • Cluster Jewels: Feed the Fury that has Martial Prowess notables should be looked at.
  • Unique Jewels: Fertile Mind which converts DEX to INT, Watcher's Eye with increased attack damage mod, Ancestral Vision that gives immunity to Elemental Ailments.
  • Timeless Jewel: Brutal Restraint for the Traitor Keystone.
  • Rare Jewels: INT with Energy Shield focus is important here.



  • Choices: Elemental Weakness , Conductivity , Sniper's Mark .
  • Tip: In case you can afford it, Nimis doubles your damage properly.


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The Molten Strike Trickster build epitomizes what crafting can do in Path of Exile – a character capable of facetanking Eater of Worlds and Shaper without a scratch. The trick lies in finding the balance between your offensive might and unrivaled defense. Every PoE player should experience the thrill of melting bosses and ease in completing maps that comes with this build.

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