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FFXIV Job 2024 Guide: How to choose your path in Eorzea?

Are you stepping into Final Fantasy XIV in 2024 and scratching your head over job choices? From healers to tanks, DPS, and more, learn about the unique playstyles, mechanics, and delights provided by each job. For those who are new to the game, this guide makes FFXIV's job system less complicated and assists them in finding their niche.


FFXIV Job 2024 Guide: How to choose your path in Eorzea?


Healer: Keeping the Party Alive

  • White Mage: Your go-to for a healing crash course. Call it a big kind giant among healers with simple yet powerful heals and a life saver button that feels like a warm hug for your team.
  • Astrologian: This is your space wizard, blending healing with starry buffs. It's like playing chess 3D with the cosmos – challenging but rewarding for those who master its intricacies.
  • Scholar: For the thinkers and planners. It's like being a battlefield commander with a fairy sidekick. Juggle your resources and turn the tide of battle with strategic healing and timely damage.
  • Sage: The straightforward shielder. Think of being a medic in a sci-fi setting equipped with cool gadgets that can heal or shield you without wasting any time.


Tanks: The Unbreakable Wall

  • Warrior: New to tanking? Start here. It's like being a big cuddly bear that can also maul enemies. User friendly, some self-heals to give you room (and learning) space.
  • Paladin: The jack-of-all-trades. Imagine an honorable knight who can attack as well as defend while also managing some party tricks that sparkle. A great all-rounder if you can’t decide what you love most.
  • Gunbreaker: DPS in tank's armor. Think of an action hero on high octane – always busy, always explosive. Ideal for those who want hard-hitting and stylish hits.
  • Dark Knight: The moody, resource-managing tank. Picture being the gothic hero, balancing darkness with light to protect your allies. Perfect for players who like a bit of drama in their tanking.


DPS: The Damage Dealers


Melee DPS

  • Dragoon: The lance-wielding acrobat. Imagine being a medieval superhero, leaping and striking with precision. It’s all about the thrill of the hit (and the occasional self-yeet off the edge).
  • Samurai: The master of the blade. Think of it as directing your katana like an instrument in an orchestra full of destruction. A dance of damage where each step and strike count.
  • Reaper: The flexible harbinger of doom. Think gothic warrior dancing with death – it’s about changing your deadly waltz to match the rhythm of battle.
  • Monk: Speed and fluidity personified. Think high-speed martial arts movie where you star in it and you deliver rapid-fire punches and kicks.
  • Ninja: The busy, stealthy assassin. Imagine playing magic ninja tag on steroids – fast, furious, never still.


Castor DPS

  • Black Mage: The quintessential caster. See yourself wielding raw forces of nature – between devastating power and strategic positioning lies a dance.
  • Red Mage: The versatile duelist. Think ballet dancer with rapier combining spells and swordplay into a deadly performance.
  • Summoner: The conjurer of celestial beings. Picture being an interstellar zookeeper responsible for a range of alien creatures and powers.


Physical DPS

  • Bard: The musical archer. We are thinking about juggling tunes and arrows as a medieval rock star whilst keeping up with buffs for battle while damaging foes harmoniously
  • Dance: Is all about grace, but it is also about surprise. It is like being a main character in a very risky dance competition where one wrong move could turn the game to your favor.
  • Machinist:The Sharpshooter That Knows His Way Around Technology. Take on the picture of a steampunk inventor who has devised gadgets and gizmos to unleash calculated storms of bullets and explosions.


Such as, you have just been taken on a whirlwind tour of the different occupations that are available in Final Fantasy XIV. Remember, there's no such thing as a wrong choice. Every job can be learned by any character so feel free to experiment and find joy in whatever you decide. Dive into the game world, tread upon its paths and savor personal victories won here!

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