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RuneScape 3 Early Invention Skill Training Guide for Beginners

The world of RuneScape 3 Invention training welcomes you! We unlocked Invention at level 5 quite recently and have been making steady progress to reach level 27. Why level 27? It's a great point to start augmenting items to level 10, which results in large XP gains for Invention.


Powering Through Invention

Training is not limited to combat items only. You can augment many different skilling tools such as hatchets, pickaxes, mattocks and special items like Fisher Matic, Pyromatic and Hammer Matic. Get it to level 10, disassemble and voila – you get high-level XP. For example disassembling a Level 60 item may yield up to 480k XP!


Utilizing Proteins and Other Boosts

We exploited protein cards on world 84 plus other boosts to fast track our training. While Invention levels are harder to come by due to the xp difference, these boosts are invaluable. We also made sure that we unlocked vital inventions like Divine charges and charge reduction.


Broadening Your Skillset

And this invention is really a game changer in enhancing your account's capabilities drastically. However, if one would put more priority on invention earlier on the rewards might be immense.


Expanding Beyond Invention

Once we felt confident about our basic knowledge of Invention, we started using proteins for other skills. First was smithing at level 81 where we used Silverhawk boots for bonus agility XP. The next thing was cooking that is a key skill linked with many main storyline quests.


Leveraging Cooking for Quest Progression

We were able to make it from cooking level 22 to lvl60 quickly thereby unlocking profitable cooking techniques with vital quests like Big Chompy Bird Hunting or Heroes' Quest. We had no problem cooking with proteins, since protein prolongers made it possible for us to cook 120 at once instead of 60.


Future Plans and Strategies

The remaining proteins and dummies are things we'll use effectively as we move on. We intend to level up agility, archaeology, and dungeoneering. Thus, by efficiently managing our resources, we will be able to maximize these gains and further unlock new possibilities in RuneScape 3.



Invention training in RuneScape 3 doesn't have to be daunting. By using techniques such as protein items and focusing on key skills one can make huge strides within a short time period. 

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