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[PoE 3.23] Powerful Splitting Steel Trickster Build: High DPS & Damage Output

Jumping in to an exceptional 3.23 build: The Splitting Steel Trickster. Dive into this guide on this building and learn the ins and outs, gear recommendations, and strategies for maximizing your gameplay. This build is a journey in itself but promises thrilling gameplay and impressive damage.


[PoE 3.23] Powerful Splitting Steel Trickster Build: High DPS & Damage Output


The Essence of the Build

  • The core of this build is based on MageBlood and the skill Splitting Steel.
  • It's a build that changes as you progress through it. You may not have the best gear at first, but aim to improve all the time.


Pros and Cons

  • + High DPS: Capable of reaching around 10 million DPS for substantial damage output.
  • + Strong Defense: High energy shield (up to 12K) and Trickster ascendancy provide robust survivability.
  • + Flexible Gear Choices: Allows you to make changes gradually for gears' improvement and customization in the course of the game.
  • + Ailment Immunity: Can be immune to most elemental ailments depending on the setup,.
  • + Unique Damage Mechanism: Uses high ES directly as a source of damage.
  • - Gear Dependent: Requires specific (often expensive) gear such as Mage Blood.
  • - Complex Setup: In-depth knowledge of the game is required making it less friendly to beginners.
  • - Vulnerable to Some Mechanics: However, certain boss abilities or game mechanics can lead to failures even here.
  • - Close-Range Combat: You must be within melee range which can be dangerous.
  • - Time-Intensive Development: It takes a lot of investment to reach its maximum potential.


Key Gear Component

  • Mage Blood Belt: You won't get far without this belt because it offers essential buffs.
  • Main Weapon: A powerful weapon that goes well with the Splitting Steel skill.
  • Darkness Enthroned Belt: Look for one with good rolls for extra boosts.
  • Ephemeral Edge Dagger: It grows stronger as your energy shield increases.


PoE 3.23 Powerful Splitting Steel Trickster Build Passive Tree and Gear


Skill Gems and Gameplay

  • Get your gems up to level especially Splitting Steel and Sniper's Mark.
  • For melee, Splitting Steel is most effective due to its massive damage output.
  • Enhance your damage output using Sniper's Mark.


Character Progression

  • Start with any character code that matches Mage Blood theme.
  • During leveling phase, focus on getting Mage Blood and good weapon first.


Farming and Maximizing Damage

  • Aim for approximately 10 million DPS in order to be successful; however, don't worry about the exact value since there will be several changes happening within that period.
  • Concentrate on high maximum lightning resistance while building defense mechanisms.
  • Initially leave off Melding nodes by relying on Purity of Lightning alone for gear purposes.
  • Work towards farming the Nimus for a significant damage boost.


Trickster Advantages

  • The trickster ascendancy class offers amazing tankiness and energy shield benefits.
  • Aim to have at least 12 K energy shield as a buffer against incoming damage.
  • Get triple elemental flasks for capping resistance and maximizing energy shield.


Leveling Strategy

  • Try out different leveling approaches. One of them is Kinetic Bolt.
  • Its fun leveling and optimizing gear.
  • Be cautious while leveling up, especially when getting used to CI (Chaos Inoculation) playstyle.


Final Thoughts

  • This build is still changing as it gets better equipment.
  • End-game content farming is possible but patience and strategic playing are required.
  • Keep upgrading your gear with focus on maximum energy shield and damage output.


PoB Link:

Remember, Path of Exile builds are as much about the journey as they are about the destination. This Splitting Steel Trickster build is no different. Every piece of gear you acquire and every level you gain will bring you closer to the full potential of this build.

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