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PoE 3.23 Full Blueprint Guide: Best Strategies For Sourcing, Revealing and Running

Hey, Exiles! Ready to delve into the world of Heist Blueprints in PoE 3.23? Learn the best strategies for sourcing, revealing, and running blueprints effectively. Learn effective methods for sourcing blueprints, the most profitable rooms to reveal, and the art of splitting blueprints for duplication. 


PoE 3.23 Full Blueprint Guide: Best Strategies For Sourcing, Revealing and Running


Sourcing Blueprints

You can either buy or farm blueprints. We suggest you go farming to find quality ones in this case. When you buy them, you will often end up with other people's rejected copies of maps they acquired and didn't want anymore; however, not everyone wants to sell their own possessions that way.


Room Revelation and Rewards

Three-wing blueprints are better self-farmed since it costs more to reveal additional wings and rooms. Split blueprints using fracturing fossils for cost-effective duplication. Prioritize maps, divination cards, currency items, ultimatums, and gem rooms when revealing rooms.


Profitability varies from one room type to another. Here's tier list:

  • S Tier: Maps chambers are goldmines because they give Shaper Guardian Elder Conqueror maps as well as sextants.
  • A Tier: Divination Cards / Currency Chambers .for solid returns
  • B Tier: Ultimatum / Metamorph Chambers have gotten more valuable in recent times.
  • C Tier: Gem Chamber – not bad because there is a high demand for these gems that are of good quality.


Running the Blueprint

Start by taking lower-left wings then moving towards right circles. You should also prioritize Karst who reduces alert level while looting plus Nenet and Vinderi who can do it too. Use Tibbs for his ability to open chests post-lockdown Roll alerts down on a blueprint especially when dealing with richer blueprints.


Blueprint Execution

Here's a quick walkthrough:

  • Start from bottom left wing and go clockwise.
  • Assess Rogues and decide on chest openings based on alert reduction.
  • First, go for the big rooms then consider small boxes if the alert levels allow.
  • For full rooms, assess and choose valuable items. Sometimes it's better to skip the end reward for more chest openings.
  • After completing two wings, consider inventory space before continuing.
  • Remember, the quantity roll of the area affects loot, so even small chests can drop valuable items like stack decks or quality gems.
  • The Rogues like Tibbs are useful to help in opening additional chests once lockdown is over.


Rogues to Prioritize

  • Karst and Nenet for max alert level reductio
  • Vinderi for duplicating chests
  • Tibbs and Niles post-lockdown lockdown abilities


Key Tips

  • Optimize your path and Rogue choices for efficient runs.
  • Roll blueprints focusing on alert level reduction and avoid mods that counter your build.


Know when to be conservative or aggressive with chest openings based on your setup.  Utilize the stack decks and quality gems for additional profits. 


Blueprints in PoE 3.23 can be a goldmine if approached correctly. Farm or split wisely, choose your rooms and Rogues with care, and roll for the best modifiers. With these strategies, you can expect to rake in substantial profits.

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