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How to Make strong survivability with minimal investment in PoE 3.23?

We're going to be delving deep into how you can make your build very tanky in PoE 3.23 without spending too much. From using one-of-a-kind jewels like Bloodnotch and Immutable Force, to mastering stun mechanics, see how you can greatly increase your chances of staying alive without breaking the bank.


How to Make strong survivability with minimal investment in PoE 3.23?


Understanding the Tech

This technique is based on the idea that any stun hit restores 60% of your life from damage you would have taken (if stunned). One thing to note is that this does not help against one-shot kills. We are talking about creating a pseudo-avoidance mechanism here. The key here is to maintain as little Energy Shield as possible.


Energy Shield Mastery

To achieve this, use Energy Shield Mastery which bases your stun threshold on your Energy Shield rather than life. It's better if you manage to get zero or very minimal Energy Shield.


Immutable Force

This unique jewel plays an important part in this set up where it reduces the time of stuns almost making them negligible though it should be understood that no form of stun immunity or avoidance should be used in one's build.


Build Requirements

For this tech to work well, you will need two jewel sockets, no stun avoidance, low energy shield (less than 200 preferably) and Energy Shield Mastery.


Efficiency in Combat

Every hit that stuns you recovers life for you when it comes this setup.This gives a substantial defensive boost equivalent to having 90% max resistance due to the mitigation of damage.


Synergy with Other Mechanics

Pairing with Petrified Blood or Idol of Eternity makes it even more effective. In some cases, Defiance of Destiny can lead nearly immortal builds when combine with this.


Pseudo EHP Increase

In essence, this setup increases your Effective Hit Points (EHP) by a significant margin. If you aren’t getting one shot and have reasonable HP as well as mitigation, it can be very strong.



It is important to understand that this does not prevent one-shots or DoT (Damage over Time). The strategy works best against multiple hits or shotgunning attacks.


Jewel Optimization

For optimal results, target high roll on Immutable Force. Optimal gameplay feel requires stun duration to be less than the server tick which happens at a threshold of about 963 and above.


Final Thoughts

Every softcore player should consider this setup particularly if he qualifies for it. Though having limitations, its value in terms of making you more tanky is undeniable.


With these strategies your build can become a fortress that can withstand anything Wraeclast throws at it. Keep in mind, the right combinations of jewels and game mechanics understanding makes all the difference there is.

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