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PoE 3.23 Manaforged Arrow Guide: How to Enhance Your Build for Maximum Performance

Hey PoE enthusiasts! It's time for PoE 3.23 Affliction and we're going deep into Manaforged Arrow. Discover spell suppression, leech tech, evasion tech and more that will make your build an unstoppable monster. This is perfect for players who are ready to take their gameplay to the next level.


PoE 3.23 Manaforged Arrow Guide: How to Enhance Your Build for Maximum Performance


Spell Suppression Cap

Ranger Tree Focus: Mage Bane and a suppression wheel have been integrated as spell suppression skills into our skill tree, which is now primarily focused on the Ranger area. If you lack Mage Blood, go for Master with "damage is lucky".


Leech & Strength of Blood Tech

Clever Thief's Magic: Mana leech plus life leech are some of the things that this gem introduces. The result is a game-changer which allows the addition of Interface and Overcharge to have increased shock effects and damage output.


Ghost Dance & Evasion Tech

Leveraging Lethal Pride: Transform keystones into Strength of Blood with Lethal Pride under Warriors of Kaom, turning life leech into physical damage reduction. Further bloodthirstiness amplifies this effect, such as Taste of Blood Mastery against physical damages.


Accuracy Rating Issues & Other Nodes

Dealing with Intelligence Loss: Depth Perception has been a great help in achieving a hit chance of 100% after loss of accuracy due to new tree pathing.


Thread of Hope Tech

Efficient Node Picking: With the help of a large Thread of Hope ring pick vital nodes like Elemental Overload, Insightfulness and Heart And Soul without any direct pathing.


PoE 3.23 Storm Rain of the Conduit Hierophant Passive Tree


Finding a Timeless Jewel

Lethal Pride Optimization: Use Path of Building to find the best Lethal Pride Jewel for your build, focusing on increasing DPS.


Guard Skills Cooldown Node

Key Node Addition: Don't miss out on the small mana and guard skill cooldown recovery rate node for a more consistent Arcane Cloak.


Adding Shield Charge

Enhancing Mobility: Incorporate Shield Charge and Faster Attacks into your build for improved movement, especially useful in delves.


Lightning Arrow Mapping Setup

Separate Bow for Mapping: Have another bow setup with Lightning Arrow to enable quick mapping without having to swap out gems.


Gear Upgrades

  • Ivory Tower Corruption: Search for an Ivory Tower that has either +1 to socketed gems or 50% less damage taken from crits.
  • New Boots: Craft sorcerer boots with fractured chaos resistance, striving for top-tier strength and intelligence rolls.
  • Greatwolf Amulet: Upgrade to an Izaro's Greatwolf amulet with double corrupted implicits for attributes and mana.


PoE 3.23 Storm Rain of the Conduit Hierophant Gear


Mageblood vs. Flesh/Flame First

Prioritize Mageblood first – it offers more immediate benefits than Righteous Providence, improving both defence and speed.


Before Mageblood – Belt and Resistances

Stigan Vise Upgrade: When Mageblood is not achievable, you should be looking at upgrading your Stigan Vise with higher resistances, ES, and Mana.


Mageblood Flask Setup

Optimal Flasks: Attack speed roll is the main focus when incorporating Topaz, Sapphire, Silver and Quartz flasks.


Stun Immunity

Mastery Adjustment: Once Mageblood is acquired, you can drop the Energy Shield Mastery for stun threshold and pick up less damage taken when at full energy shield.


Jewel Considerations

Resistances Focus: Without Mageblood prioritize resistance rolls on your jewels so as to maintain cap


Mirror Tier Quiver

Ultimate upgrade - For an upgrade across the board get yourself a mirror tier quiver.


PoB Link:


Keep in mind, this guide is a stepping stone towards fully maximizing your Manaforged Arrows build. Good luck and may your arrows always find the target.

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