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Top 8 Best Currency Farming Ways for Any Build in PoE 3.23

Welcome to this, today we discover the top 8 currency farming ways in Path of Exile 3.23, tailored for any build. Learn to maximize your currency items profits with these effective methods ranging from crafting flasks to heist gear, and make your way to affording those dream builds.



Top 8 Best Currency Farming Ways for Any Build in PoE 3.23


Top 1. Crafting Flasks

Start with flask bases (preferably item level 84 or 85 for Quicksilver and Silver flasks). Roll them using transmutations, alterations, augmentations, enkindling orbs, and glassblower's baubles. Focus on in-demand modifiers, price check, and sell for profit. Keep an eye out for highly coveted Mageblood flasks.

  • What You Need: Alchemies, transmutes, augs; flask bases iLvl84+.
  • The Process: Make good ones to sell and roll utility flasks for mods.
  • Pro Tip: Enkindling Orbs for more effect on high-tier flasks.


Top 2. Memory Farming

No need for a completed Atlas here. Purchase a memory, like Kirac's Memory of Survivor's Guilt or Niko's Memory of Demonic Onslaught, and run it on low-tier maps. Utilize map device crafts like chiseling and alching for more loot. Some memories can be exceptionally profitable, especially with certain league mechanics.

  • The Basics: Do memories like K'aj's or Niko's on low tier maps, no completed Atlas needed.
  • The Strategy: Leap of faith corrupts, chisel and alk some memories for better loot.
  • Why It Works: Some memories drop valuable shards/items that outweigh the investment made on them.


Top 3. Divination Card Flipping

This requires some market research.Find divination cards that assemble into items close to your budget.Look for price gaps between the set and the reward item, like the Soul Taker axe.Buying individual cards and selling the complete set can net you a tidy profit.

  • How To: Buy individual cards to complete sets by checking PoE Ninja div card set rewards
  • The Math: Sell the full set item at a higher price than the cost of individual cards combined together
  • Remember: Frequently check prices as the market can shift rapidly.


Top 4. Farming Essences

Gather Essences especially the valuable purple ones (Misery Envy Dread Scorn). Use Atlas passives to increase your efficiency.Corrupt them for potential upgrades and sell in bulk for a nice sum.

  • Getting Started: Allocate about 50 Atlas points to Essence passives.
  • The Goal: Get lots of high-tier Essences and sell in bulk.
  • Advanced Tip: Use Remnant of Corruption on clusters of Essences for upgrades.


Top 5. Azerite Farming

Add this to your high tier mapping.Click sulfite in maps and occasionally receive azerite.Use it to purchase one-socket resonators,which sell well in bulk.

  • The Requirement is to run high-tier maps (T16 preferred) with mining passives.
  • The Method is gather sulfite and convert it into azerite then buy resonators which are resold;
  • Bonus – combine with Essence farming for an extra income stream.


Top 6. The Dump Tab Strategy

Customize your loot filter for item level 84 jewelry rares.ID them, put them in a public tab without pricing, and wait for offers.This passive approach can be surprisingly lucrative.

  • Setup – loot filter for rare jewelry above ilvl 84.
  • Execution – identify then dump them into public tab without price checking until contacted by someone interested in buying.
  • Efficiency – quick inventory clearing process through selling streamlines.


Top 7. Splitting Valuable Bases

Use the Beastcrafting method to duplicate items like high-level Expedition logbooks with bosses present.Split and sell both copies for a profit.

  • Concept: Duplicate items with the Beastcrafting recipe and resell both copies.
  • Example: Expedition logbooks with bosses present.
  • Profitability: Ensure resale value exceeds splitting cost.


Top 8. Crafting Heist Gear

Focus on crafting Heist equipment like a Rogue's Disguise Kit.Simple crafts can turn a substantial profit, especially when sold in bulk to players looking to optimize Heist runs.

  • Materials Required: Alterations, gear bases, alchemy/scouring or binding orbs.
  • What To Craft: For example, +1 to all jobs or job speed.
  • Marketplace: Sell on Discord communities like Forbidden Trove.


Well, let's first discuss a few possible hindrances that might block your path to wealth:

  • In case you don't have money or this is your maiden day in newly joined league, use the Chaos recipe.
  • Before you start crafting flasks remember: it's a matter of patience; not every roll will be perfect but persistence pays off.
  • At first instance, memory farming may seem overwhelming but using a guide can help in simplifying the whole process.
  • For div card flipping you need to carry out some market research but once you master how to perform it well then it becomes very rewarding.
  • At times essence farming could appear slow initially however as soon as you accumulate more, the bargains become significant;
  • Azerite farming is a good source of income and can be implemented jointly with other strategies.
  • The Dump Tub helps in generating passive income. It brings potential buyers to your doorstep.
  • Bases splitting and crafting Heist gear are two ventures that require an initial investment but rewards are high.


Remember that successful farming of currency in PoE requires diversity. Do not focus on only one method. Mix them up depending on the market and your style of play. And most importantly don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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