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FFXIV Mythbusters: Debunk 5 Most Frequent Claims

What's up FFXIV players? In FFXIV Mythbusters, we go over some of the most common things said in the game and prove them wrong. See these popular misconceptions through our detailed tests and explanations. There have been so many updates over the years that it's easy to hold onto outdated info. But do they?


FFXIV Mythbusters: Debunk 5 Most Frequent Claims


1. HoT Steals Aggro from Tanks

  • Claim: During pulls, applying HoT to a tank build will take their aggro.
  • Test Method: Have a friend hit a striking dummy, then apply HoT and observe.
  • Results: After patch 6.2, HoTs generate almost zero enmity on application but not during ticks.
  • Verdict: Myth Busted. This is no longer an issue because tanks now generate much more enmity than before.


2. Fairy Healing Is Not Affected by Fay Illumination

  • Claim: The fairy's healing potency increases with Fay Illumination.
  • Test Method: Compare Embrace healing with and without Fay Illumination.
  • Results: Healing amounts remain unchanged; hence there is no effect.
  • Verdict: True, despite one's expectations, this does not affect any of the fairy's spells.


3. Hallowed Ground and Cover together make an Invincible Combo

  • Claim: Combining Hallowed Ground with Cover makes both Paladin and the covered ally invincible against all damage.
  • Test Method: Enter combat with a chocobo companion, use Hallowed Ground and Cover, then observe what happens next.
  • Results: These abilities still cause damage to be taken by the character.
  • Verdict: Myth Busted. You won't realize that you are indeed vulnerable when using such skills because they cannot exist simultaneously in this manner as anticipated for them to be impenetrable.


4. Pet Actions Are Instant

  • Claim: FFXIV's pets respond instantly to commands.
  • Test Method: Continuously redirect pet while queuing actions.
  • Results: Instant action argument is debunked by the fact that their movement takes preference over any queued abilities.
  • Verdict: Myth Busted. Pets follow a priority list, with movement taking precedence.


5. Any Action Ends Raise Invulnerability

  • Claim: After being raised, the invulnerability lasts until any action is taken.
  • Test Method: Have a Blue Mage use self-destruct, get raised, and move around.
  • Results: The invulnerability remains while moving but not when an action is executed.
  • Verdict: Partially True. Invulnerability doesn't end when you move, but it does when you do anything other than moving.


Additional Fun Facts

  • Fey Illumination used to apply to Eos and nearby party members before Eos and Selene were combined. This suggests a change in wording over time.
  • Embrace also had a cast time like this which shows how the game has evolved and its mechanics have developed over the years.


Remember, understanding mechanics can greatly enhance your FFXIV experience. 

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