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PoE 3.23 Armor Stacking Guide: Gear Essentials, State-Types, and More | Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our PoE Armor Stacking! Afterward, we will continue on the equipment fundamentals and highlight some important items as well as state-types that you need in executing your armor stacking build. Thus, what are the must-haves and some side wily alternates? Unveil the secrets of mastering your PoE armor stacking build with our detailed guide on gloves, amulets, belts, rings, and flasks.



PoE 3.23 Armor Stacking Guide: Gear Essentials, State-Types, and More | Part 2



  • Crucial Item: Replica Dreamfeather sword.
  • Key Stat: Increased attack speed is very important; flat physical damage has no real meaning.
  • Enchantments: Harvest enchant for attack speed is perfect.
  • Corruptions: Make haste to increase attack speed; Resolute Technique is a game-changer for saving passive points.



  • Dual Wielding: Two Replica Dreamfeathers double your damage but reduce survivability.
  • Shield Options:
    • Aegis Aurora: Perfect for CI builds thanks to its block recovery of significant amount of energy shield.
    • Dawnbreaker: Ideal for Transcendence builds as it reduces physical damage taken as fire.



  • Budget-Friendly: Alpha's Howl which reserves mana with two aura gems that cannot be frozen.
  • The Formless Flame: Good for fire resists stacking especially Chieftain builds.
  • Crafted Hubris Circlet: Concentrate on large energy shield pool, intelligence and resistances.
  • Synthesized Helmet: For final game development; provide aura effect, gem level boosting and reservation efficiency.


Body Armours

  • Doriani's Prototype: Early league powerhouse for lightning damage scaling.
  • Grasping Mail:The endgame goal of armor stacking, with mods like increased armour from overcapped resistances.
  • The Perfect Form: An alternative option that has high evasion and cold resistance overcap.



March of the Legion: Necessary for maximizing aura effect particularly Grace.

  • Stats to Look For: +5 to Aura Gems, and if using Doriani's Prototype, lower elemental resistances.



  • Popular Choice: High energy shield rare gloves with resistances and even possible damage conversion mods.
  • Crafting Approach: Find a base with good es alongside desired resists like physical damage taken as elemental and more.



  • Rings: Focus on resists, es as well as reduced Mana reserved for auras.
  • Amulets: Attributes, Increased aura effectiveness, ES.


Flasks and Jewels

  • Flasks: Jade/Quartz Flasks for evasion; Granite/Basalt Flasks for armor.
  • Jewels: Aura effect first, then is it resistance or damage mod?



  • CM Spirit Titan Gauntlets: This is great when you have enough armor and evasion rating which allows life regeneration but the best is when you have 2M armor allowing full rage bar regeneration every 4 seconds.
  • Alternative Options:
    • Shaper's Touch Crusader Gloves: Offer accuracy/mana/increased evasion/energy shield.
    • Crafted Sorcerer Gloves : Energy shield focused gloves with optional ancestral call mod for damage/defense balance.



  • The Eternal Struggle: Offers stats up to 16% Increased Aura Effect , global defense and culling strike chance .
  • Voice of the Storm: It also helps in non-critical strike builds with lucky lightning damage .
  • All's Uprising: Adds an extra free aura that works well in determination setups .
  • Jinxed Juju: It's cheap and has up to 15% increased aura effect and intelligence.



  • Mageblood: Gives permanent magic flask effects and increased effect.
  • Magnate Belt: Great potential for double damage, increased Flask Charges.
  • Immortal Flesh: Good for people using Doran's Prototype since it gives life regeneration with low Elemental resistances.
  • String of Servitude: That can give an enormous 60% enhancing in Grace Aura effect.



  • Focus on Resistances and Energy Shield: It is preferable to use ruby rings for Doran's Prototype build.
  • Original Sin and Nimis: Perfect for constant damage output based on projectiling.
  • Synthesized Rings: Endgame selection provided the aura implicit of Grace Aura effect.
  • Crafting Tip: Go for Divine Blessing setups that have reduced Skill Mana Cost as a possible affix to make you imbued with Mana Flasks.



  • Essential Flasks: Basalt, Stonite, Silver, Jade or Ruby (depending on your build).
  • Unique Flasks for Enhanced Performance:
    • Taste of Hate - this important flask should always be used against physical damage mitigation.
    • Bottled Faith – has consecrated ground- enhancing damage & regeneration values.
    • Dying Sun – provides additional projectiles to skills like Lightning Strike and Molten Strike among others.
  • Suffixes and Rolls: Focus on evasion, armor, attack speed, and reduced Mana cost.


Timeless Jewels

  • Brutal Restraint & Militant Faith. Required to increase the Aura effect. For Dexterity without Brutal Restraint & as well as Manacost reduction use Militant Faith only or Transcendence builds Crucial for Transcendence builds also if you want to be able to freely cast spells in man mode at will no matter what type of base you are using(this chest must be corrupted with increased crit strike chance)
  • Melding of the Flesh. A must-have skill for non-Chieftain builds aiming at capping all elemental resistances at 90%. Choose max roll of -80% all resists for all elementals and 4% max elemental resists for Doran's Prototype.


Thread of Hope

Place a big Thread of Hope near Glancing Blows and Divine Shield to improve the build. Change this resistance reduction according to your particular build in Doran's Prototype.


Watcher's Eye

  • Defensive Mods: Determination (reduced damage from critical strikes) and Purity of Elements/Ice/Fire (physical damage taken as Elemental).
  • Offensive Mods: Precision (increased attack speed) and Wrath (lightning penetration). When using Original Sin, choose attack speed, then precision.
  • Transcendence Builds: Look out for two mods that convert physical damage taken into elemental resistance mods together with ES on hit or leech.
  • Pro Tip: ES on hit is a premium mod for both defense and sustain.


Cluster Jewels

  • One & Three Passive Voices: Best for making Aura effect higher. You will need up to four more large cluster jewels to increase Aura effect further than previously possible.
  • Lightning Clusters: Look out for Storm Drinker especially if you have lightning penetration chances through skill tree or items or corruptions.
  • Shield Clusters: Prodigious Defense / Martial Prowess are essential for block/accuracy builds respectively making use of shield base types like Titanium Spirit Shield or Vix Lunaris CI Cyclone.
  • Small Clusters: Focus on Introspection so that you can have high aura effect as well. A good item level is 68, anything below that will not be able to roll introspection so keep this in mind when farming areas where these drops might be found such as Act 10 Kitava's Breachstone which requires defeating him once before accessing its areas again via Map Device portals found across Wraeclast!


Crafting Tips

  • Prioritize Aura Effect: thus you should aim at increasing your auras' power for more damage and better survivability.
  • Energy Shield Focus: Look for items with high base energy shield values.
  • Resistance Balancing: Gear acquisition should be preceded by calculation of the overcapped resistances to attain synergy bonuses.


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The choice of gear is essential for an armor stacking build. It is not only about numbers but understanding synergies and how they complement each other. Try different things, understand the mechanisms, and most importantly, enjoy your experience as you take control in Path of Exile!

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