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[PoE 3.23] Intelligence Stacking Kinetic Bolt Trickster Build: Final Version Overview

Greeting to an in-depth journey of the intelligence (int) stacking Trickster in Path of Exile Affliction League. This is not a normal build guide, but rather a look at how the build has changed and its function. Unusual skill interactions, defense mechanisms and many other things will be revealed.


[PoE 3.23] Intelligence Stacking Kinetic Bolt Trickster Build: Final Version Overview


Kinetic Bolt Overview/Uber Showcase

  • Skill Choice: We have chosen Kinetic Bolt as my Fragmentation for this game-changer gem. It allows every projectile to strike the same target multiple times.
  • The Trick: Maximize hit per projectile using Sniper's Mark; We can throw a volley of hits on something that does significant single-target damage while standing near enemies.
  • Why Kinetic Bolt Over Others: Both clearing and single-target require me to choose Kinetic Bolt even though it is not the best way to go for either purpose, especially after Power Siphon was nerfed compared to Kinetic Blast.


Benefits of Int Stacking

  • Why Go Int: Both offense and defense are enhanced by int stacking. In addition to improving accuracy which is highly relevant to wand builds, it adds energy shield and strengthens evasion also.
  • Key Modifiers: Wands that scale damage off Int, these are important wand mods you should be looking for. Not only does Int stand for mana or energy shield alone, it boosts everything essentially.


Evasion Cap

  • Reaching the Cap: Evasion is one of the primary methods of defense used by characters. We went for a 95% evasion cap which requires some intelligent gear choices.
  • The Mechanics: For evasion in PoE entropy-based approach is employed making evasion more reliable and less about luck.
  • Key Mods: watch out for mod that adds evasion rating and reduces enemy accuracy – they are gold.


Suppression and Spellbreaker

  • Spell Suppression: It is 100% capped, augmented by cluster jewels and gear selection.
  • Spellbreaker Synergy: Add this to constant energy shield recharge, a synergy with Spell Suppression boosting defense once again.


Physical Mitigation

  • Handling Physical Damage: A part of the physical damage here is converted to chaos, which CI (Chaos Inoculation) nullifies.
  • Important Mods: Look out for physical damage reduction and chaos conversion in gears.



  • Sustaining Energy Shield: Trickster ascendancy's Overleech is crucial as it keeps energy shield up without fail at all times.
  • Alternatives: If you are dropping Overleech, make sure another reliable method for energy shield leeching exists and doesn't affect your DPS.


Oath of the Maji Overview

  • Energy Shield Boost: The Oath of the Maji provides the massive energy shield pool key to this build. The disadvantage of not socketing gems into body armor coupled with doubling its defenses substantially enhances them.
  • Trickster Synergy: This results in a massive increase in ES when taken together with the escape artist node of Trickster.
  • Sacrifice for Power: To make amends for this, we give up on six-linking the chest piece and go for 8-link gloves that further enhance our defences while still allowing us to maintain our offensive abilities.


Tinctures and Forbidden Rite

  • All Damage Can Freeze: The essence of controlling mobs lies within this particular ability especially now considering that Kinetic Bolt has proximity requirement that maximizes its damage potential.
  • Rage Generation: When hitting rare or unique enemies the tincture mod offers significant rage generation ensuring almost always Berserk uptime.
  • Forbidden Rite Interaction: When working with Spellslinger setup combining seamlessly allows endurance charge generation that helps trigger certain effects from tincture integration also.


Endurance Charge Generation

Via That Which Was Taken: Each hit, including those from Forbidden Rite has a chance to generate an endurance charge which in turn boosts physical damage mitigation while also increasing the effectiveness of Immortal Call.


Rage Gen and Berserk

Perpetual Berserk is a tincture that brings about beserk status in a flash that last through intense confrontations, especially with bosses.


Spellslinger and Sniper's Mark

  • Efficient Curse Application: Spellslinger combined with Sniper's Mark ensures the enemy remains consistently cursed which is vital for increasing the damage of Kinetic Bolt.
  • Self-Cast Immortal Call: Immortal Call linked with Increased Duration so as to utilize endurance charges fully.


Second Curse and Cast when Stunned

  • Automated Cursing: Conductivity is triggered by Cast When Stunned setup boosting lightning damage dealt to cursed foes.
  • Stun Management: With Immutable Force jewel equipped, stuns become almost invisible allowing uninterrupted gameplay while taking advantage of an automatic curse set up.



Simple yet Effective: Wrath, Grace, and Haste are the main auras to run due to their ability to fit into the limited socket space without requiring a 6-link.


Passive Tree

  • Standard Int Stacker Layout: It is a typical tree for int stackers focusing on power charge nodes, ES increments, and efficient mana reservation points.
  • Mastery Utilization: More damage can be maximized through various masters by each adding 3% extra damage in addition to their main benefits.


Jewels and Ailment Immunity

  • Ancestral Vision. This is important for ailment immunity pair it with spell suppression.
  • Boot Implicit. This contributes 29% of elemental avoidances which is vital for defense mechanism of this build.
  • That Which Was Taken Jewel. Together with Haste aura it gives us perma phasing and increased survival by providing 21% avoidance of ailments while phasing.


Power Charge Stacking

  • Crux of the Build: It uses power charges for scaling damage purposes.
  • Gear Contributions: Spell damage per power charge significantly increases from rings, shields and tree nodes
  • Power Charge Generation: The tree nodes provide map clearing, while Power Charge on Critical Support is used for bosses enabling both damage and critical strike potential.



  • Wand: This is a mirrored tier for unmatched damage.
  • Ring: A ring that is essential for scaling power charges as well as gaining intelligence.
  • 8-Link Gloves: These are to compensate for the lack of 6-link and boost our dps.
  • Helmet Switch: This change should be from Crown of Eyes to a rare helmet focusing on reducing physical damage taken.
  • Amulet: Simplex amulet gives a significant increase in intelligence.
  • Body Armor: It's more focused on defense so benefits greatly from Oath of the Maji.
  • Boots and Shield: Personalized to get additional power charges and defenses in place.


PoE 3.23 Intelligence Stacking Kinetic Bolt Trickster Build Passive Tree and Gear



  • Single Target DPS – about 450-500mn with best setups
  • Defensive Stats – Excellent energy shield recharge and suppression coupled with effective phys mitigation
  • Pantheon Choices – Solaris for crit defense, minor gods according to personal tastes
  • Custom Modifications - Show the interactions and strengths unique to this build so that PoB calculations can be accurate
  • PoB Link –



  • Evolution of the Build : Over the course of the league, it has constantly been refined ending up at its very apex now.
  • Trickster Over Deadeye Trickster is preferred because it has better recovery mechanics which helps in overall survivability.
  • Final Thoughts: Creativity and optimization in Path of Exile come out strong with this build. It has been an exploration process with adjustments towards getting a build that is challenging yet fun enough.


This built isn't about rips off but rather understanding its synergies and mechanics behind it. In the right hands, it’s a monster, proving how deep PoE's build diversity truly goes. If you’re looking at trying out an Int Stacking Trickster, take this build as a starting point not your final destination.

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