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PoE 3.23 Full Simulacrum Guide: Farming, Builds, Evasion and Loot Mechanics

Do you know how to farm efficiently in PoE 3.23? Our team has put together a list of builds, evasion and loot mechanics tips to maximize profit and navigate the challenges that simulacrum offer.Here is our guide on how to make good currency items and have fun in these challenging wave-based mini-games.



PoE 3.23 Full Simulacrum Guide: Farming, Builds, Evasion and Loot Mechanics


What is Simulacrum?

  • A wave-based mini-game that gives loot from previous leagues.
  • It's ideal for builds with great screen-wide clear and tankiness over movement speed.


Preparing for the Challenge

  • Buy Simulacrum tokens in bulk from other players for efficiency.
  • The price fluctuates often so keep an eye on it.


The Simulacrum Experience

  • Takes place in a Delirium-affected town from Acts 6-10
  • Waves increase in difficulty, with the last 10 being the toughest
  • The challenge: monsters take significantly less damage as you get further into waves


PoE 3.23 Simulacrum Paid Off Screenshot


Picking the Right Build

  • Aim for high DPS in 100% Delirious environments
  • Minimum requirement: 1-2 million DPS at 100% Delirious
  • Builds with less than 1 million DPS will struggle, especially against bosses.


Wave Mechanics & Strategy

  • Difficulty scales with Delirious effect and additional monster modifiers
  • In later waves expect more monster life and resistances
  • No build-breaking modifiers, but it does have more monster damage.


Simulacrum Builds

  • Some important mechanics are ailment immunity to brittle, scorch, sap etc..
  • Evasion rating is huge due to monsters being level 75
  • Don't forget about reduced damage taken from crits or high maximum elemental resistances
  • Chaos resistance is very important versus certain bosses and common mob mods.


Loot and Profit Analysis

  • Aim for completing up to wave 20 for decent profits
  • Full completion (wave 30) yields maximum rewards
  • Reward levels are a huge deal, aim for hitting reward level 7 for maximum efficiency.


S-Tier Builds for Simulacrum

  • EK Ignite: Fast, explosive, and suitable for all content.
  • Neurotox's Kinetic Bolts of Fragmentation: High clear speed and efficiency.
  • Strength Stacking Venom Guy: Expensive but extremely effective.
  • Spark Build: Despite nerfs, it's still a top contender.


A-Tier Builds

  • Mana Forgeiros, Armor Stacker (Chieftain/Scion), Spectral Shield Throw etc…
  • These builds offer great clear and survivability but might not always hit the top reward levels.


Understanding the Loot

  • Focus on completing reward levels for better loot.
  • Bulk sell scarabs and essences for efficient profit.
  • Keep an eye out for high-value items like Split Personalities and Voices.


Final Tips

  • Even with a weaker build you can profit by reaching wave 10-15.
  • Use the money you earn to upgrade your build to push higher waves
  • Enjoy the flexibility of Simulacrum; watch a stream or series on the side!


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Simulacrum in PoE 3.23 is not just a challenging endeavor but a profitable one. With the right build and strategy, you can turn this wave-based mini-game into a rewarding experience. Remember, the key is in the build, evasion, and understanding the loot mechanics

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