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PoE 3.23 Raise Spiders Pathfinder Build: A Beast of Tankiness and Damage Output

Hello, PoE masters! Let's build a crew of eight-legged creatures with the Raise Spiders Pathfinder Build in Patch 3.23. The build's tankiness and damage output make it a beast to contend with. Here, we'll show you how to max your spider army's potential, dominate the Affliction League, and spin a web of destruction.



PoE 3.23 Raise Spiders Pathfinder Build: A Beast of Tankiness and Damage Output


Summoning Your Eight-Legged Army

  • Key Skill: Raise Spiders via Arakali's Fang.
  • Mechanic: Summon 20 immune-to-damage spectral spiders from corpses.
  • Special Move: Spiders use Viper Strike to inflict poison.


Unique Items and Flasks

  • The Squire: Boosts damage significantly.
  • Desecrate & Writhing Jar: Essential for spider summoning.
  • Divine Ire: Triggers spider summoning.
  • Ancient Skull Helmet: Supercharges spiders with increased attack speed.
  • Coruscating Elixir Flask: Converts life to energy shield for chaos damage protection.


Damage Enhancement Techniques

  • Withering Touch Support Gem: Spiders inflict wither for increased chaos damage.
  • Feeding Frenzy via Cast When Damage Taken: For automated minion buffs.
  • Carrion Golem: Adds extra damage to spiders.
  • Flesh Offering: Increases minion attack speed.


PoE 3.23 Raise Spiders Pathfinder Build Passive Tree


Defensive Strategies

  • Energy Shield: 13k+ energy shield from Ghostwrithe and Presence of Chayula.
  • Aspect of the Crab & Grace Aura: Provides physical damage reduction and evasion.
  • Artic Armour & Ghost Dance Keystone: Additional damage reduction.


Maximizing Efficiency

  • Curses: Temporal Chains and Despair via Arcanist Brand.
  • Charm Bonuses: Onslaught for increased attack and movement speed.
  • Gear Focus: Life, Energy Shield, and Intelligence.


Summoning Challenges

  • Initial Setup: Multiple steps required to summon spiders.
  • Resummoning in Combat: May need to resummon during intense fights.


Unique Gear Recommendations

  • Arakali's Fang: Core weapon for spider summons.
  • Ghostwrithe: Converts life to energy shield.
  • Presence of Chayula: For stun immunity and additional energy shield.
  • The Squire: For enhanced weapon support.


PoE 3.23 Raise Spiders Pathfinder Build Gear and Flask


Flask Management

  • Taste of Hate: Converts physical damage to elemental and chaos damage.
  • Quick Silver & Topaz Flasks: For mobility and mana management.


Strategy Tips

  • Bandits: Opt for two passive points.
  • Pantheon Choices: Adapt based on boss fights or mapping.
  • Cluster Jewels: Focus on minion attack speed, energy shield, and intelligence.


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This build is a powerhouse in PoE 3.23 Affliction League, offering both high damage output and solid defense. While the initial summoning process can be a bit of a hassle, the ease of mapping and boss fights more than makes up for it. Give it a try and watch your spider army decimate the opposition!

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