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PoE 3.23 Ultimate Heist Currency-Making Guide: Top 3 Best Strategies

Hey Exiles! Welcome to the ultimate guide on making currency in Path of Exile 3.23, focusing on the revamped Heist mechanics.This guide covers everything from leveling and gearing Rogues, to running profitable contracts and blueprints. Perfect for players who want to maximize their earnings through Heist mechanics. So let us dive into how you can make your Heist endeavors a lucrative venture.


PoE 3.23 Ultimate Heist Currency-Making Guide: Top 3 Best Strategies


Disclaimer About Profit

  • Expect Variability: Though it can be extremely profitable, there is no guarantee that each run will yield maximum profit. Some runs will turn out dry while others will produce massive drops.
  • Lucky Strikes Matter: You might get a big ticket item like a Simplex Amulet worth hundreds of poe divines but these rare finds should not be relied upon solely.
  • Play Smart: Once you have obtained such a drop in the heist, just set up your operations efficiently and stop playing till you need any other currency in future.


Leveling The Rogues

At around Act 6 and 7, players unlock Rogues Harbor just below town. Here is how to level your Rogues quickly:

  • Run Contracts: Max level with 5-7 contracts per Rogue.
  • Bulk Acquisitions: Smuggler chests, atlas heists nodes, rerolling characters plus bulk purchase from trading sites are some sources of large amounts of contracts.


Gearing The Rogues

  • Why It Matters: As one would expect, gear matters quite significantly especially for key members such as GI.
  • Efficient Gearing: Get lots of gear and use alt orbs to reroll mods until perfect mods are achieved. Essential ones include "+1 to level of all jobs" etc., among others.
  • Specific Needs: These requirements vary depending on which strategy you adopt in your heists; this shall be detailed further under strategies.


General Tips

  • Bulk Operations: Buy contracts in bulk, sell loot in bulk; and open blueprint wings in bulk to save time.
  • Map Transparency: For clear-cut heist layouts.
  • Routine and Speed: In blueprints, routine (start top left, go clockwise) and contract running speed are important.


Example Contract

  • Running Efficiently: Go inside, trigger the heist and focus on the main rewards. Don't go near any small chests unless you are waiting for a Rogue.
  • Fast Exit: Jump out of the saferoom with tools like berserk, molten shell, frost wall or decoy totem.


More Tips

  • Optimizing Blueprint Runs: Fill several blueprints with Rogues at once. Always start moving in a specific direction for muscle memory.
  • Alert Management: Be aware of alert bar. If the final reward isn't worth it, focus on side rooms.


Example Blueprint

  • End Rewards: Pick only items that are worth 15 chaos or more. Look for those which have higher alarm triggered values before leaving them behind.
  • Staying Efficient: Use tools like berserk to navigate quickly. Make decisions fast over which rewards to take with you.


What Makes You Currency In PoE 3.23?

  • Base Items: Main source of income; hence split bases can be extremely valuable.
  • Consistent Drops: Divines/Chaos Orbs/Tempering Orbs/Tailoring Orbs
  • Less Frequent Sources: Replicas/Winged Scarabs/Rogue's Trinkets
  • Know Your Loot: Check market prices from sites such as regularly.


Dedicated Heist Build

  • Focus: This build is meant for Heist, focusing on speed and survivability.
  • Key Features: Gear yourself well to make your character run extremely fast. Queen of the Forest can be a good choice here; paired with parapa boots, a strong quicksilver flask and large flask effect.
  • Essential Skills: Speed comes from Phase Run (with Enhance) and more velocity from Berserk.
  • Rage Maintenance: Chainbreaker is supported by jewels, clarity aura, extensive Mana regen in gears among others.


PoE 3.23 Phase Run Pathfinder Passive Tree and Gear



  • Perma Flask Uptime: This skill build ensures that flasks are always active.
  • Key Mods: Consider these mods; reduced flask charges used, increased flask effect duration and chance not to consume charges.
  • Path of Building: You can check your flask uptime in Path of Building for 100%.



  • Unique Approach: We skip the fourth ascendancy class node which has minimum effect in its favour of taking lesser nodes instead.
  • Go Primalist: Use charms that will give you even more effects like Onslaught effectiveness and Banner skill reservation.



  • Essential Mods: Focus on having effective Onslaught as well as making movement speed un-reduce able below base value for stun immunity.
  • Banner Skills: Have no reservation for banner skills at all.
  • Flexibility: Other mods are less critical but look out for life recovery/life regen where possible.


Skills Used

  • Main Skills: Stick only to Phase Run and Berserk, but use Decoy Totems or Frost Walls if needed for Rogue protection.
  • Survival Tools: Have Molten Shell for traps, Enduring Cry for taunting and Frost Blink to help you leap over gaps.
  • Auras: A suite of auras like Determination, Purity of Elements, Defiance Banner, Vitality, Grace, Haste, Clarity and lots more other buffs. 



  • Weapon: Use Ichimi in order to have mana reservation efficiency on it.
  • Helmet: The aim is at least 18% Mana reservation efficiency between essence and implicit one. 
  • Amulet: Defiance of Destiny gives defense and Mana regen purposes. 
  • Boots & Belt: Movement speed first with attention to flasks-related mods afterwards. 
  • Queen of the Forest: needed for evasion-based movement speed increase. 
  • Rings: Synthesised rings' life and Mana regeneration rate. 
  • Flasks: Crafted ones should come with increased effect and reduced duration.



  • Standard Jewels: Life and Mana regen should be given priority. 
  • Key Uniques: We have Lethal Pride for Chainbreaker, Watcher's Eye for evasion and a single Cluster Jewel for flask effect duration. 
  • Charms: Ascendancy section has already covered them.


PoE 3.23 Heist Blueprint


Strategy 1: Deception Contracts

  • Overview: Concentrate on running deception contracts with Giana and sell all the loot.
  • Why Deception Contracts: They are quick and have lucrative side rooms especially those with divination cards.
  • Execution: Focus on Harbingers and rooms with divination cards. If they’re on the way, just ignore minor chests.
  • Loot Management: Many contracts should be run in groups so that last items will be sold and rogue markers can earn steady money.


Rogue Gear Used 1

  • For Giana, put her in a foliate bres which duplicates contained basic poe currency at random probability. This gear should raise rogue markers' value of primary Heist targets to increase gains.
  • Other Considerations – Reduced hiring fee, job speed included in other gear pieces.


Strategy 2: Full Blueprints

  • Approach: Empty every blueprint room except the ones that bring profit to your character.
  • Understanding Margins: Weigh up whether it is worth revealing rooms against the rewards from them. E.g., Divination card rooms tend to yield the most profitability.
  • Blueprint Management: Expensive wings should be revealed by Giana's reveals. Run multiple Divination card discovered rooms at once.


Rogue Gear Used 2

  • Trinket Selection – A trinket with chaos or Regal conversion if opening currency rooms though these might be costly.
  • Cloak Modifiers – Reducing alert levels and hiring fees is the prime focus here.
  • Bres Mods- Adjust it for specific rooms as well, duplication of currency on all rogue bres that is.


Strategy 3: Speedrunning Blueprints

  • Method: Run through blueprints just to clear them, picking only one wing without any more reveals.
  • Investment Consideration: The initial stakes are high but there could be hefty returns on big-ticket items.
  • Blueprint Acquisition: Buy bulk One Wing revealed blueprints and churn through them for efficiency.


Rogue Gear Used 3

  • Key Modifiers: Make sure that cloaks may not activate lockdown in Grand Heists.
  • General Gear Focus: Plus one level of all jobs, reduced hiring fees, job speed on all rogues.


Therefore, a wise approach and attitude are needed to make a fortune out of the Heist in PoE 3.23. Efficient leveling and gearing up for your Rogues is important, have contracts and blueprints runs be done with some thought and then keep your eyes open for the high valued items. It's a combination of strategy, luck, and velocity. Heist happy!

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