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FFXIV Dawntrail Newest Jobs: First Look at Viper & Pictomancer

Welcome to the comprehensive analysis of the two latest playable characters in FFXIV Dawntrail expansionViper and Pictomancer. The introduction of these roles has added new dynamism to the game, as well as attracted experienced gamers and beginners through their distinct looks and ways of playing.


FFXIV Dawntrail Newest Jobs: First Look at Viper & Pictomancer


Viper: A Swift and Stylish Melee DPS

Viper is a melee DPS that wields twin blades that are transformed from dual swords. It has fast, nimble strikes in addition to slow, heavy ones.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: This is seen when it combines into a twin blade with dual swords, which makes it really sleek and stylish for Viper.
  • Gameplay Dynamics: This gives us both quick technical attacks as well as slower big twinning hits on this job that’s like no other.
  • Gear and Visuals: Using the scout set, this job begs questions about where it fits into the visual synergy of existing sets. However, the unique animations and sound effects spice things up.


Pictomancer: The Artistic Caster

Pictomancer; a magic casting class stands out because it uses vibrant art inspired spells. It brings with it a creative approach to magic by using a paint brush.

  • Creative Spellcasting: These are brightly colored spells that look like something between Splatoon and classic Final Fantasy Magic.
  • Weapon of Choice: It makes use of a paintbrush which seems an odd choice but visually promises striking abilities. However, there is still uncertainty as to how the canvas aspect will be integrated with this choice of weapon.
  • Gameplay Speculation: But some have pointed out that colors used in painting creatures hint at gameplay involving elemental magic and summoning though nothing specific has been said.


Community Reactions

  • Viper's Reception: Initial reports suggest not everyone was blown away by twin blades but the twin blade transformation has generated some interest. Its technical playstyle is a topic of intrigue among the community.
  • Pictomancer's Buzz: The uniqueness of the theme and spell effects has generated lot of interest. Some have been debating on the potential for creative gameplay although others are withholding their thoughts until they know more.


Final Thoughts

  • Viper: It may not be everyone's main job, but it definitely stands out with its unique appearance and potential for fast-paced game play.
  • Pictomancer: This job feels like a breath of fresh air, with its artistic angle and dynamic spellcasting. We feel that it is a very thought provoking job.


In summary, As the community buzzes with excitement and curiosity, these jobs are set to redefine the combat experience in FFXIV. Viper suits those who want technicality as well as speed in their gaming style while Pictomancer gives spellcasting an artistic touch different from all other classes. These two new jobs are not just about introducing a fresh style of play, but rather about showing how imagination can change in Eorzea.

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