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PoE 3.23 Transcendence Armor Stacker Ascendant Build: Indestructible Fortress

Hi fellow exiles! Welcome to PoE 3.23 Transcendence Armour Stacker Build. The main focus of this scion build is to make your tankiness go through the roof. This season we managed to get up to 85 all reses which makes it one of the most hardcore ones ever. But don't be fooled – this build doesn't come cheap!



PoE 3.23 Transcendence Armor Stacker Ascendant Build: Indestructible Fortress


Live Maven

In this build, Molten Strike works best as our primary skill which synchronizes perfectly with Original Sin to create numerous hits that are way too many in number to be counted at all. This is very important when you want your Wither Stacks maxed out efficiently.


When facing Uber Maven, the build's true colors shine – it's virtually invulnerable to most of what Uber bosses throw at us. It feels so good to see this build perform against Maven!


Build Overview

This is quite simple stacking armour amplifying aura effects and using Transcendence for significant elemental damage reduction. By converting all physical damage taken into chaos and elemental, we've beefed up our defences as much as possible. Zealot's Oath has been included in the build as well as an experimental Guardian Ascendancy for an extraordinary ES regen.


What Can this Build Do?

Though few high difficulty maps with some certain mods can prove difficult due to decreased damage output, this build can handle almost all content. It's great for bossing and with a few changes, it can delve really deep, potentially as far as 6K.


Transcendence Setup

So, Transcendence is crucial here and calls for high resistance to counteract its reduction effect. Purity of fire has been used in combination with some charms in order to maintain a high resistance levels. This setup will completely change all physical damage into chaos and elemental while we are well fortified against any form of physical threat by taking specific gear choices.


Regen Setup

Our regen setup is so beautiful. It mostly comes from fire Mastery and an elevated Vitality aura level 25. Guardian Ascendancy doubles our regen effectiveness and brings our ES regen to 4000 for when we are in combat.


Damage and Molten Strike Calculations

The damage output relies on Replica Dreamfeather and Original Sin with Wither stacks. Molten Strike plus Nimis means lots of hits guaranteed. We have conservatively estimated about 96 hits per second such that our Wither stacks and ES sustain are always at their optimal levels.


Gear Overview

  • Helmet: Expensive but worth it if you focus your gems on them, craft Fire Res + Mana reservation.
  • Chest: Look for fire overcap and Global defense.
  • Gloves: Sorcerer gloves Mark effect.
  • Amulet: Endless struggle excellent for general bonuses.
  • Boots & Belt: Marchet Legion boots Mageblood belt.


PoE 3.23 Transcendence Armour Stacker Build Gear



A mix of Basalt, Silver, Ruby, Jade flasks provide a balance between defense and offense. The Taste of Hate is nice to have but not necessary.


Can I Use 3P Voices?

Yes, but only by adjusting the build. Be careful not to mess up your reservations or you won't be able to use your Marks properly anymore.


Militant Faith

Reducing the cost of mana, and increasing the effectiveness of the aura is what makes this jewel essential. What we need to do is to ensure that its fit is in accordance with our building specifications.


Other Jewels, Small Clusters

Corrupted blood immunity is offered by one of the other Jewels, like That Which Was Taken brings extra utility or damage to the build.


PoE 3.23 Transcendence Armour Stacker Build Flaks and Jewels



For this build we went with Guardian over Necromancer because it strengthens our defences but you can switch between them for more damage or defence as needed using certain Jewel choices.


Other Setups for More Damage

You can also tune your build's damage output slightly such as Point Blank, or Resolute Technique and Replica Dream Feather in order to maximize it.


Point Blank

As much as it seems interesting, point blank has limited actual effect on our damage due to molten strike mechanics with respect to return projectiles.



The defense against damage over time and bleeding is further improved through Soul of Arakaali and Ralakesh thus bolstering our survivability even more.


About Molten Strike Support Gems

Our setup for Molten Strike aims at maximizing the number of hits and consequently the damage output taking into account return projectiles' mechanics


Other Skill Gems

These come alongside important Aura setups in the helmet and gloves as well as March of the Legion. Adding Precision, Molten Shell and Defiance Banner will offer additional support.


PoB Link:


This build is among the top contenders in PoE 3.23 offering excellent tankiness decently high DPS. It excels at high level content making it a good way of dealing with some challenging parts of the game. As always stay tuned for more tweaks and updates to this build.

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