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Path of Exile Builds (2024) Guide: How to Make Powerful?

Hello! Welcome to 2024 the world of Path of Exile; the most amazing action role-playing game that has ever been created. Though a puzzle with some missing pieces hidden beneath the couch may seem like an understatement about diving into Path of Exile build making but is anywhere close at all? Now let us take this process apart, step by step, side by side.


Path of Exile Builds (2024) Guide: How to Make Powerful?


Laying the Foundation: Choosing Your Main Skill Gem 

  • Start with a Skill: Every powerful build revolves around a main skill gem. It could be casting spells or swinging axes; this decision will determine everything else about your build.
  • Attack or Spell?: Two types of gems are available in PoE – Attack and Spell. Attack ones benefit from weapon stats while spells scale off gem level and global modifiers. Choose what you prefer!


Mapping Your Path: The Passive Skill Tree

  • Identify Your Direction: Is your skill ranged or melee? Are you going for crits or non-crits? This will guide your way through passive tree.
  • Choosing a Class: You can pick your class based on the color of your skill gem, which represents primary attribute. Strength (Red), Dexterity (Green), Intelligence (Blue).


Building Your Base: Class and Ascendancy Selection

  • Decide Skill: Once you decide on your skill, choose poe class corresponding to desired path on skill tree. Let's use Duelist as an example for our two-handed melee build.
  • Picking an Ascendancy: Each class has its own unique Ascendancy choices. The one we will go with is the Slayer for this build because it offers a good balance between attack and defense.


Crafting the Tree: Keystones and Efficient Pathing

  • Keystone Importance: These are keystones that determine how you play your character. For this build, Resolute Technique will be our choice due to its reliability.
  • Efficient Pathing: Map out your path in such a way that you take only crucial nodes and avoid waste. Make sure you have a blend of attack, defense, and utility skills.


Balancing Offense and Defense: The Art of Building

  • Resource Management: Concentrate on either life or energy shield with respect to your own build. Anything from 180% – 200% increased life on tree for life based builds.
  • Offense and Jewels: Once you are done with defenses, now concentrate on offense, hunt for jewel sockets near your path, as well as high-value clusters to bring out extra benefits.


Gearing Up: Selecting the Right Equipment

  • Offensive and Defensive Affixes: Opt for gear that suits your build style. Look for increased damage types in your main skill gem and defenses that match your build direction.
  • Weapon Choice: Your weapon should complement your skill gem. Ideally, a melee build like ours requires a high physical damage two-hander.


The Final Touches: Gems, Flasks, and Progression

  • Support Gems: Link your main skill with some support gems so as to increase its damage output tremendously.
  • Flasks: Utility flasks as well as survival flasks are recommended. Get rolls like freeze removal plus other key immunities such as freeze or bleeding.
  • Leveling Strategy: As you level up, focus on key nodes at first while maintaining equilibrium between resources and damage.


In Action: Testing Your Build

  • Testing Grounds: After creating a good character in PoE, take it to Wraeclast for a spin. Start with some lower tier maps and adjust your gear and passives accordingly.
  • Adapt and Overcome: Watch your build in action against various types of enemies. Make changes to optimize your effectiveness.


Well done, now you have come up with a build in Path of Exile! Keep in mind that each build is a journey of its own. As you move along, do not hesitate to play around and make minor changes. After some time, practice and patience would result into you becoming an expert at ruling Wraeclast.

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