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Guides for the Most Difficult Elite Clue Scrolls in Runescape 3

PvMs of top-tier form the peak of a players' achievements, as far as showing their prowess in Runescape is concerned. However, lurking within the Treasure Trails lies a contender that rivals even the most arduous PvM encounters: Elite Clue Scrolls. These scrolls were introduced on August 4th, 2010, as part of a treasure hunting minigame where players have to solve puzzles and look for loot all over Gielinor. This could be up to an incredible 10 billion Runescape 3 GP.


What are Elite Clue Scrolls?

Elite Clue Scrolls are the second highest tier clue scroll in the game, following the master tier clue scrolls. They can be obtained by opening a sealed clue scroll (elite). Such scrolls generally involve about five to seven clues (or four to six if you have Totem of Treasure), which players must solve before they can progress towards finding the location of treasure. Though positioned as second-most difficult type relative to difficulty level, Elite Clue Scrolls often present more complex challenges than Master Clue Scrolls that follow them. Let us examine these intricacies that make Elite Clue Scrolls a true test of skill.


The Elite Challenge: A Step-by-Step Analysis

To succeed at Elite Clue Scrolls, there are four main types of puzzles that one should learn:

  • Compass Clues: Follow the compass round to find your next clue location across Gielinor.
  • Scan Clues: Search an area until your next clue seems close.
  • Sliding Puzzle Boxes: Rearrange sliding pieces to complete the picture and progress.
  • Celtic Knot Puzzle Boxes: Align runes by sliding knots until they match up.

These steps may sound straightforward, but efficiency is key. Let's explore why these seemingly simple tasks require such high-levels of expertise.


Decision-Making Under Pressure

Elite Clue Scrolls require quick, accurate choices because of their random nature. Players have a variety of potential steps and must therefore think on their feet to choose the most efficient routes and teleports. This calls for an intimate knowledge of Gielinor's geography as well as memorized hotkeys.


Puzzle Box Prowess

Sliding puzzles serve as time gates that challenge even the swiftest solvers. Here, mastery translates into saving seconds on every puzzle—seconds that accumulate over time. Top players can complete these in less than 20 seconds which is an accomplishment which requires accuracy and repetition.


Movement Mastery

Efficient use of movement abilities can greatly reduce travel time between clues. The difference between an amateur and expert can be seen in how these abilities are employed to run through obstacles or move quickly across terrain.


Scan Clue Savvy

Understanding scan clue pings is crucial for time-saving. Following early pings to try to find the shortest route may result in huge gains or losses, adding another layer of complexity to this already challenging activity.


In summary, Elite Clue Scrolls push players to their limits with a combination of quick thinking, agility in solving puzzles, and deliberate movement. They are both terrifying and thrilling due to the high skill ceiling they possess. It is this blend of mental sharpness coupled with dexterity that has made Elite Clue Scrolls some of the toughest content in Runescape.

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