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[PoE 3.23] Double Strike of Momentum Champion Build: Budget-Friendly Lab Runs

Greetings, Exiles! Here you will find a unique build guide for PoE 3.23 Champion, focusing on farming treasure keys in the lab stress-free. This is a build guide for Double Strike of Momentum Champion optimized specifically for fast and cheap lab runs. Now we move into this exceptional budget friendly build.


[PoE 3.23] Double Strike of Momentum Champion Build: Budget-Friendly Lab Runs


Why This Build?

Maximize treasure key farming in labs. High single-target damage, decent mobility and good lab survivability are the main features. Do not mistake it for an all-rounder!


Lab Run Dynamics

  • Getting Keys: Keys fall from Izaro, Argus, dark shrines, lock boxes, and Divine font sacrifices.
  • Optimization: Preserve Izaro's mechanics more keys. Keep those fonts and guardians intact!
  • Build's Strength: Specifically designed to deal with Izaro without affecting his mechanics.


Build Breakdown

  • DPS and Lab Survival: With 2.7 million DPS against Izaro and strong defenses to withstand lab traps.
  • Movement Speed: Well balanced at 300 ms; not the fastest but enough to achieve its aims as a build.


Key Mechanics

  • Permanent Phase Run: Allows for smooth navigation with 100% uptime.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Boosts speed upon entering new areas by activating it before every zone entrance.
  • Night Blade Build For Extra Speed And Elusiveness: Night Blade uses elusive buffs to gain more speed.
  • Specific Gameplay Style: It is meant to give optimal performances thus demanding meticulous timing and button presses as well.


Running the Lab

  • Routine: Use Hatred skill to trigger adrenaline rush when in phase run engage mode while moving with high efficiency
  • Combat Strategy: Focusing On Izaro With No AoE Damage Like Double Strike That Minimizes Mechanics Kill Accidents
  • Survival Tactics: Champion fortify, evasion, high armor and avoiding ailments.


Crafting the Build

  • Movement Speed Sources: The skill tree nodes and gear as well as buffs like Onslaught or Haste Aura are used to achieve this.
  • Offensive Scaling: High attacks speed Night Blade crit-based set up. Double Strike’s stages add a lot of attack speed.
  • Defensive Layering: Ailment avoidance, spell suppression, fortify through champion ascendancy and life leech. Additionally, high armor and evasion ratings are used in the build for extra protection.
  • Regeneration and Flask Management: Use Vitality with Arrogance for regeneration of life; use flasks intelligently to manage life and utility
  • Skill Gem Setup: This focuses on maximizing Double Strike’s potential supported by attack speed gems, critical chance gems, gem with increased defenses for survivability


PoE 3.23 Double Strike of Momentum Champion Build Passive Tree and Geaar

PoB Link:


Building for Specificity

  • Tailored for Lab Running - This is one of those builds that don't have AoE damage which is not suitable for map clearing in general but is specifically aimed at farming treasure keys in labs
  • Stat Balancing – To enable adrenaline to be triggered properly careful management of life as well as mana reservation must be done. An efficient distribution of stats will enhance fight experience and movement skills.


Tips for Effective Lab Runs

  • Map Awareness - Know the lab layout so you can move around quickly
  • Skill Timing - For speed and survivability know when to use skills such as Phase Run or use buffs wisely too.
  • Combat Focus - Prioritize Izaro over other mechanics so that there are more keys available after defeating him without killing any additional mechanics accidentally.
  • Flask Usage – It involves using Diamond flask and Quicksilver flask strategically to improve combat efficiency or mobility respectively.


Final Thoughts

  • This is a specialized budget-friendly approach to maximizing lab runs for treasure key farming in PoE 3.23 Champion Double Strike of Momentum build.
  • Although this item performs excellently in its intended purpose, it is not for general gameplay or map clearing.
  • This build demonstrates the variety and intricacies of PoE’s building mechanics, targeting different playstyles and goals.


Are you set to conquer the labyrinth and scoop those treasure keys? You can try this build and in no time navigate the traps and bring down Izaro like a boss! Bear in mind that there is a build for every purpose in Wraeclast, and this one is a lab-running powerhouse.

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