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PoE 3.23 Goratha Magic Find Low and High Tier Mapping Strategies

Hello Exiles! Bored with watching those streamers get crazy loots while you are stuck with nothing? Then it's time to try out Goratha's secret strat of Magic Finding in POE 3.23. Get to know the low and high tier mapping strategies from Goratha that includes abyss and wisp stacking. Maximize your profits along with loot explosions on every map!


PoE 3.23 Goratha Magic Find Low and High Tier Mapping Strategies


The Basics: What's Cooking in 3.23?

POE 3.23 has seen a complete reversal of fortunes thanks to its unique league mechanics. Solo players can now make tons of loot items currency as well. It is time for newbies and veterans alike to jump into the Magic Finding frenzy.


Goratha's Cheap but Effective Strategy

Goratha's approach is based on cheapness and efficacy.

  • Key To Success: It is Good to mix low-level Magic Finding and atlas altars.
  • The Build: You should have at least 40% quantity, 150% rarity in your gear.


The Must-Haves in Your Arsenal

You need this gear's amount and value.

  • Abyss Runs: Physical damage reduction or conversion is a must.
  • Stacking drops over rarity: This is the golden rule


Advanced Tactics

Prioritize scarabs like Gilded Abyssal and Reliquary for top-tier unique, scale quantity, target rare monsters with loot conversion mods then combine league mechanics such as ritual, beyond, and delirium for maximum effect.


The Abyssal Edge

  • Ensure that Stygian Spires spawn by using Gilded Abyssal Scarabs.
  • First clear the rare monsters then take down the spire.
  • Stygian Spires can be a goldmine for rare monsters


Atlas Strategy

  • Pay attention to the walking path on your atlas.
  • Stay away from conflicting keystones.
  • The use of Gilded Abyssal Scarabs is a must.


Investment Pays Off

  • The more you invest, the better your returns.
  • Try out different scarabs for desired results.
  • Map device choices should be balanced for optimal outcomes.


The Importance Of Loot Filters

  • Customize your loot filter for efficiency
  • Hide low-value items to focus on high-value drops.
  • A well-tuned loot filter can greatly increase your profit per hour.


PoE 3.23 Goratha Magic Find Altas Tree

Atlas Tree PoE Planner


Surviving and Thriving in Juicy Maps

  • Defense must be balanced with damage in your build.
  • Clear maps quickly for better hourly profits.
  • Avoid unnecessary item rarity support and go for high-power gear.


Final Thoughts

  • Following Goratha's methods means that you are not just playing the game; rather you are beating it at its own game
  • With the right approach, every map can be turned into a treasure trove
  • It is not about the loot but the thrill of the hunt and joy of discovery


Bonus Tips

  • Don't hesitate to change your strategy based on how you play or what types of maps drop
  • Be aware of market trends as they can greatly affect your Magic Finding strategy
  • But most importantly have fun! POE is a game and having fun along the way is what makes great gaming experience.


Goratha's Magic Find strategy for POE 3.23 is all about striking the perfect balance between investment and reward. Use this guide to begin experiencing some of the most satisfying loot explosions in the game. Just remember, being adaptable, experimental and enjoying things as they unfold will always help. Happy looting, Exiles!

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