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PoE 3.23 Pragmatism Guide: Base Mechanics and Synergy

Ready to explore PoE Affliction depths and unlock the vast potential of Pragmatism, the new unique body armor? The guide will help you understand how Pragmatism works with Brand Recall and Spellslinger, as well as provide great insights and knowledge for your journey in Path of Exile.


PoE 3.23 Pragmatism Guide: Base Mechanics and Synergy


Pragmatism Introduction

It is a delicate dance; it complicates strategic maneuvering when using pragmatism because players are forced to think hard about their choices in regard to gems and the way they are linked.

  • Drop Location: In Vididian Wildwood, Pragmatism is dropped by King in The Mists only during the Stronghold encounter.
  • Unique Attributes: It bestows +12 skill gem level but subtracts -2 levels per socketed gem. Good for high level gems without many support gems.


The Perfect Match: Brand Recall

Pragmatism has found a place in multiple builds across the Affliction league, but one interaction has stood out among many others, its synergy with Brand Recall.

PoE 3.23 Brand Recall

Why Brand Recall: When placed into a Pragmatism chest piece, Brand Recall gets an enormous increase in cooldown recovery rate. A corrupted level 7 brand recall which has a level 17 plus its quality at 20% will get an astonishing 148 % increased cooldown recovery rate.


Example Build Setup

  • Character: Hofen with Sign of Purpose for +100% Brand Recall cooldown recovery rate.
  • Passive Skill Tree: Invest heavily on brand wheels such as Run Smith and Brand Equity to achieve more cooldown recovery rate amongst other things like duration and extra brands.
  • Armageddon Brand Interaction: Armageddon brand goes well with this set up since it offers high damage output through quick recall.


Optimizing the Setup

  • Further Enhancements: Another gem level can be obtained by using the Ashes of the Stars amulet, and the Pragmatism can be corrupted to add +1 to level of socketed gems and introduced with Enhance and Empower supports.
  • Path of Building Full Setup: A level 19 Brand Recall with a 82% quality on a corrupted Pragmatism that is supported by high-level Enhance and Empower as well as being combined with an ideal roll Ashes of the Stars will result in cooldown duration of only 0.759 seconds.


Saboteur Spellslinger Interaction

Pragmatism also opens up exciting mechanics with regards to Spellslinger or Sabot apart from working well together with Brand Recall. With Spellslinger, an active skill gem which supports another active skill gem, players can further improve their cooldown recovery rate for Brand Recall. 

PoE 3.23 Spellslinger

  • Spellslinger's Role: The other benefit of Pragmatism's increased gem levels is that it benefits spells in terms of their cooldown recovery rates.
  • Saboteur's Advantage: With allocated brand wheels and masteries, plus the added cooldown recovery rate from Spellslinger, Brand Recall's cooldown drops to an incredible 0.825 seconds.
  • Trigger Bot Synergy: Consequently, through casting spells for Saboteurs using Brands' Recall and subsequent doubling the resulting damage.


Brand Recall Cooldown Mechanics

  • Cooldown Efficiency: In these setups, this base cooldown becomes significantly shorter for Brand Recall. Reduced cooldowns mean you can move around continuously and activate them every time they come into range.
  • High-Damage Output: Massive damage potential is possible especially when there are multiple brands that are rapidly activated especially if Armageddon brand is used.


Trade-offs and Considerations

  • Armor Slot Sacrifice: However, pragmatism necessitates giving up a potentially defensive body armor slot; though it is worth it because it leads to a considerable amount of damage increase.
  • Different styles of play: It has Hofen where the playing is more passive and Saboteur with active-triggering Spellslinger but dependent on remote brand activation.



This is why spoils end up declaring that PoE 3.23 is a game that has gone beyond imagination in its depth of strategy and limitless creativity. Affliction has provided players with unique modifiers and synergies which have allowed for innovation and exploration in the game. Players using Pragmatism along with Brand Recall, Spellslinger, and other important mechanics will have their gameplay lifted to new heights as they go on exciting trips through the Affliction league.

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