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[PoE 3.23] Vaal Lightning Strike Deadeye Build: Harnessing Hateforge for Magic Find

Do you want to be faster than the light and kill your enemies in Path of Exile Affliction League? We will explore how Vaal Lightning Strike Deadeye Build with HateForge can be used to unleash its potential, as well as a little bit of magic find for some extra loot shine. So, it doesn't matter if you are pushing towards level 100 or just playing calmly this build is flexible and it can surprise the battlefield with electricity.


[PoE 3.23] Vaal Lightning Strike Deadeye Build: Harnessing Hateforge for Magic Find


Harnessing the Hate Forge

This build strongly relies on hate forge especially when combined with vaal skills. Choose Vaal Lighting Strike and observe your enemies falling like dominoes. To maximize your loot experience, you will have to mix in some magic find gear such as Greed's Embrace, Goldwyrm and an extraordinary helmet.


Magic Find Setup

  • Greed's Embrace: Increased monster speed included but increased loot drops.
  • Goldwyrm: moderate movement speed coupled with more magic find.
  • Helmet: A nice looking one with good life and resistances. This particular one was 8 divines… what a steal! Remember to keep up with your flasks! Divination Distillate and a Topaz Flask can significantly up your game.


Building Your Deadeye

  • Weapon Choice: Get yourself triple Elemental Damage claw. We got this for 80 divines when making this guide. It's a pricey purchase but considering its damage output it is worth it.
  • Blizzard Crown: You will have added another 8 divines to your build by using this item. It is not just fashion; it transforms the entire game.
  • Support Gems: Awakened Added Lightning, Nightblade, Critical Damage, Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks should be your top choice friends here. Make sure that Trinity is at 21 while Vaal Lightning Strike is 20/20.


PoE 3.23 Vaal Lightning Strike Deadeye Build Passive Tree and Gear

PoB Link:


Tackling the Atlas

  • Atlas Tree Setup: Essence nodes, map duplication nodes, and boss nodes. If you want to double up your drops during Maven encounters Destructive Play summons extra bosses for you.
  • Passive Tree Strategy: Have a balanced setup where Call to Arms takes priority among other nodes that boost your playstyle. But having an ESS Jewel with projectiles hitting terrain and penetrating element resistances will give that something extra.
  • Cluster Jewels: Consider an Elemental Damage cluster Jewel. Forbidden Flame Nature's Adrenaline makes sure that your flasks are never empty to prepare you for the next fight.


PoE 3.23 Vaal Lightning Strike Deadeye Build Atlas Tree

Altas Tree:


Gameplay and Strategy

  • Map Selection: Go for the most efficient Jungle Valley. With a well-oiled setup, the entire map including Wildwoods can be cleared within 8-14 minutes.
  • Handling Map Mods: It is hard for this build not to laugh in the face of most blue map mods. However, avoid mods that reduce cooldown recovery rate or flask charges gained.
  • Juicing Strategy: You are recommended to go medium investment juicing. Rusted Breach, Rusted Legion and random Harbinger Scarabs should be enough. Remember that Beyond is already keeping your map alive unless its already part of it.


Tips for Maximum Efficiency

  • Manage Your Rage: This costs only 12 rage, so Vaal Lightning Strike allows room for other skills and less stress about maxing out rage charms.
  • Watch Your Health: Petrified Blood can either save or kill you. Pay attention to your health pool especially when physical damage reduction mods kick in.
  • Embrace Head Hunter: The perfect build for using Head Hunter effectively is this one. If you like fast attacks and a lot of things on the screen this skill will satisfy both these criteria. But please be careful it might be too intense for your eyes and computer!


Final Thoughts

This build is a powerhouse and loot generator in one. The amount one has to spend on the initial investment might be criticized by some people, but it is a fact that the returns are bound to come. It’s not just about the divines; it's about thrill of the chase and satisfying scenes of your foes being enveloped by you with lightning speed.

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