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Why Are Penance Brand Builds Popular In PoE 3.23?

In PoE 3.23, there has been a surge of the Penance brand which has become a favourite with many players. Players may find it overwhelming to understand what led to this sudden influx and making choices amongst the many options available. This guide will examine the intricacies of Penance Brand builds, discussing the different permutations.


Why Are Penance Brand Builds Popular In PoE 3.23?


The introduction of a new build is often expressed through its skill and ascendancy combination. An example is Tornado Shot Deadeye – something that most players readily recognise as a familiar combo. But when we rephrase it as "crystallized omniscience projectile scaling build", what do we get? Such change in perception highlights an underlying archetype which goes beyond individual skills and ascendancies thus leading to numerous variations within them.


One of the main reasons behind the prevalence of Penance Brand builds is their overtuned nature, which led to numerous high-profile builds. The skill has an average damage output that is quite high, allowing various builds that solely focus on additional gem levels or charges for scalability purposes. In this case, let us explore some notable examples of Penance Brand and their distinctive aspects.


Penance Brand Inquisitor

This variant is highly favored in SSF (Solo Self-Found) due to its ease of gearing and great damage potential; however meticulous attention is needed when considering defences for this particular variant. In SC trade leagues, expensive setups typically revolve around energy blade endgame i.e., employing smart frameworks along with specific items to max out damage.


Penance Brand Pathfinder

Pathfinders specializing in poison MF (Magic Find) configurations offer substantial damage potential within the constraints of dot caps. Lack of mandatory items offers a chance for scaling damage while also investing on strong defenses making this option more attractive for challenging situations.


Penance Brand Hierophant

Hierophant builds can embrace a variety of styles from charge-stacking glass cannon to mana-focused setups. For instance, the use of Indigon in order to provide significant spell damage boosts and variations in the casting crit setups demonstrates how malleable and intricate Hierophant builds can be.


Penance Brand Slayer, Occultist, Trickster

These ascendancies are mainly about charge stacking variants that come with distinct benefits such as improved damage, crit chance, cast speed and defenses. Either going for maximum power charges or using spell suppression these variations have their unique playstyles.


Penance Brand Best Practices

The choice of the best Penance Brand build depends on particular goals. Various builds are suitable for mapping. In SSF mapping, you may prefer Inquisitor or Trickster variations while well-rounded Slayer or Occultist charge stackers are excellent for Uber bosses. For MF purposes, Pathfinder configurations stand out, providing solid damage output and versatility.


The Odd One Out: Hierophant

In a sea of different Penance Brand builds, one peculiar build is the Hierophant which offers many varied bonuses. It has comparable damage and defences with other ascendencies but its brand frequency mechanics make it unique among them. Some players might choose to focus on attacks while others may do zhp sanctum running using this route as peculiar but distinctive choices.



This abundance of Penance Brand builds in PoE 3.23 manifests the adaptability and flexibility of this particular skill in different ascendancies as well as playstyles. There is no perfect build, but every variant has its own appeal to certain gamers for specific reasons so that there are plenty of possibilities to find out.Whether you prefer attack power or defense, or maybe some unique use cases, you will find a Penance Brand build that suits your needs.

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