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PoE 3.23 Top Mid-League Highest DPS Builds For Each Class | PoE Ninja

Hi again, exiles! As we look further into the state of Path of Exile's metagame today, let us give a more detailed look at the leading mid-league builds that currently dominate the POE NINJA rankings in version 3.23. From Deadeye to Raider, each one of these brings forth a different one powerful build for this league meta.


PoE 3.23 Top Mid-League Highest DPS Builds For Each Class | PoE Ninja


Deadeye Builds

Continuing 3.23' supremacy is Deadeye ascendancy which provides such diverse builds like for bow, wand and sometimes even caster builds. Some of our  favorite include: Sanctum farming Icicle Mine build or Omni Tornado Shot build that both can handle high-level content and are great options for item farming. Whether you prefer five-way clears or magic finding, there's something for every player in this ascendancy class.


Pathfinder Builds

For Pathfinder builds in 3.23, chaos and poison are key features with Hexblast Miner being among the top contenders and Withering Step of Mamba holding their own as well. Moreover, there exist several unique setups within this list such as a Cospri's Crit Ice Spear build highlighting how versatile the Pathfinder class can be.


Ascendant Builds

Leading Ascendant ascendancy is life stacking Righteous Fire build which gives it an interesting twist compared to its typical metagame reputation. The budget-friendly alternatives with impressive performance are worth trying out for gamers who would like to find new ways of playing.


Inquisitor Builds

Another variant of cast-on-crit builds is Inquisitor ascendancy which revolves around Cyclone of Tumult and Ice Spear of Splitting builds. Additionally, they have Energy Blade Vortex build which adds to various playstyles for gamers.


Guardian Builds

Among the Guardian builds are minion-oriented ones such as Absolution and Summon Raging Spirit. These two examples show how powerful and supportive this ascendancy can be when it comes to minions while playing against tough bosses.


Champion Builds

Within the Champion ascendancy, there is a resurgence of Lightning Strike and Pure Physical Impale-based Spectral Shield Throw/ Splitting Steel builds. Moreover, there are Corrupting Fever Reap builds that introduce pure fist DoT builds in an unusual manner thus bringing creativity into meta.


Necromancer Builds

Necromancer builds keep on impressing with Detonate Dead setups and a new meta minion build featuring Blink Arrow of Bombarding Clones. It's just another way of showing you how adaptable Necromancer ascendancy is in providing engaging gameplay mechanics.


Chieftain Builds

A standout among Chieftain players is the Volcanic Fissure of Snaking build that provides a good balance between casual T16 mapping and more involved gameplay. These fire-based mechanics bring something new to the table in Chieftain's tide.


Occultist Builds

In terms of Occultist builds, it competes really well with X Plus Miners as well as Cold BV setups highlighting that this class is very versatile accommodating different play styles, skill mechanics etc. The POE NINJA rankings indicate the variety of Occultist builds one can explore on their own accord.


Elementalist Builds

For Elementalist ascendancy, Discharge takes over; giving that typical power charge stacking mechanic associated with it. Besides, Ethereal Knives of Massacre is an interesting upgrade from EK ignite build offering much better DPS numbers than what could be expected.


Trickster Builds

While contributing significant Big Ducks variations and Power Siphon / Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation builds, the Trickster ascendancy makes the Trickster meta more substantial through unique approaches to gameplay. With this in mind, gamers can experiment with these different builds to find out their own best way of playing within the Trickster ascendancy.


Hierophant Builds

Most Hierophant players still use Ice Spear totems for Uber bossing and high-level content. Moreover, after being buffed significantly in 3.23, classic Siege Ballista Hierophant builds will be another great option for those who want a nostalgic but powerful gaming experience.


Slayer Builds

Slayer meta is still dominated by Void Forge Flicker Strike bills with such an intense gameplay style that has an excellent performance. In order to enjoy an exciting gaming session in Slayer's Ascendancy, one should try out these ever changing builds.


Juggernaut Builds

Juggernaut players go for strength stacking Reave builds that are characterized by exceptional tankiness and melee abilities. While they suffer from spell hits, these builds become a strong choice for pure melee enthusiasts among the Juggernaut ascendancies.


Assassin Builds

With Fire Trap of Blasting leading the charge, Assassin ascendancy offers the highest DPS in 3.23. This build setup packs a lot of punch thereby making it an attractive choice for those players who love high-performing character classes that feature strongly in the Assassin meta.


Saboteur Builds

The Saboteur meta is predominantly hexblast miners which display its versatility in terms of playstyles and mechanics. Consequently, concerning the Saboteur ascendancy, gamers may choose from any of them depending on their preferred play style while enjoying some incredible plays here.


Berserker Builds

There is a variety of Berserker ascenandies including Flicker Strike, Ice Crash and Strength Stacking Reave setups among others. Berserker builds are usually all about raw strength and aggression when it comes to gaming. They are for gamers who love action packed play.


Raider Builds

A Raider ascendancy is known for its versatility offering a lot of different builds such as Lighting Arrow, Rain of Arrows, or Spectral Shield Throw. This allows the ascendancy to be adaptable enough so that any player can choose from perfectly different playstyles and mechanics which can be found among the Raidar meta.


Gladiator Builds

Different kinds of players with their own preferences and styles will appreciate a variety of Gladiator ascenandies in this game. Some prefer classic melee configurations while others like trying new things; this makes these Gladiator builds really interesting to play around with.



The Path of Exile's current league meta features a wide range of Ascendancies that produce powerful builds. It doesn't matter if you love high damage per second (DPS) numbers or want some unique ways to play, there is something in 3.23 meta for everyone. As the meta continues to shift as more builds are tested and fine-tuned, there will be other chances for engaging gaming experiences.

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