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Diablo 4 Season 3 Seasonal Power: Vault Farming Guides

Welcome to Diablo 4 season 3 where we look into how to get the most out of your Seneschal's power and equip it with the best early game gear. In this guide, you will be taken through the vital steps in harnessing seasonal power, unlocking Tuning Stones and ranking them up efficiently for a better gaming experience.



Diablo 4 Season 3 Seasonal Power: Vault Farming Guides


Understanding Seasonal Power and Construct

Season 3 comes with a new seasonal power accompanied by a companion construct. Your construct has two governor Stones that behave like skills and three slots for tuning stones per skill as modifiers. To unlock the full potential of your construct, complete the seasonal story so that these elements may be unlocked as you progress through world tiers one and two.


Arcane Tremors: Your Gateway to Stones

Arcane tremors are dynamic world events that provide excellent opportunities to get your first set of stones. Participate in these events whenever possible in order to gather resources crucial for summoning the Herald of Malfus. By engaging with whispers during such events, you will have additional XP, Gold and gear.


Obelisks and Elemental Calls

Obelisks are scattered all over the game world offering challenges that reward shattered stones as well as elemental calls. Clear surrounding mobs when engaging with these obelisks since they are crucial for crafting and summoning activities. Note that obelisk rewards depend on individual party dynamics.


Vault Farming: A Source of Tuning and Governing Stones

Once you advance through the game, vaults become accessible providing another means of acquiring stones. When entering vaults and navigating through corridors, there are chests which require ward stacks to open them up. Use seasonal blessings as an aid for acquiring more tuning stones from these chests.


Crafting: Unlocking and Powering Up Stones

The new seasonal storyline introduces crafting, enabling you to make Uncertain Stone Caches using Shattered Stones and Iron Chunks. These caches give you Tuning and Governing Stones that help to level up your Stones with XP. An extra amount of XP comes from having duplicate stones for the advancement.



Unique Stones: The Echo of Malfus

To get unique stones like Evanite and Genesis, you must defeat the Echo of Malfus on torment mode or world tier 4. These unique stones are much sought after due to their extreme power.


Leveraging the Season Journey

Season 3's improved Season Journey offers valuable resources in the form of caches containing In Stones, Tuning Stones, Shattered Stones, and Iron Chunks. Finishing journey chapters provides not only resources but also contributes to your battle pass progress thus unlocking more rewards.


In summary, mastering this new seasonal mechanic requires a farming strategy which focuses on Arcane Tremors, vaults participation, efficient crafting as well as making progress through the Season Journey. By following this tutorial, your Seneschal will be ready for anything in Diablo 4 and you'll maximize your Tuning Stones for an optimal playthrough experience.

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