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PoE 3.23 Fracturing Orbs Farming Guide: How to Run Kirac Memory of Survivor's Guilt?

Welcome, exile! Ready to turn playing into a divine gold mine? If you nodded yes, then you are in luck as we are about to discuss the art of money printing in Path of Exile 3.23 - Fracturing Orbs style! Find out more about the strategies, build details and tips for maximizing your currency items gains in Memories.


PoE 3.23 Fracturing Orbs Farming Guide: How to Run Kirac Memory of Survivor


Memory of Survivor's Guilt + Magic Fin

In the twisted world of Wraeclast, the Kirac's Memory of Survivor's Guilt at atlas is our treasure trove key. Once this memory is tapped into, dropped items turn into shards of currency regardless their nature. This means that every single drop turns into a potential profit!


This is how we play:

  1. Stack Quantity Gear: The more, the merrier! You want to increase the number of dropped items by monsters.
  2. Dive Into White Maps: Our plan remains unchanged with regard to tier; keep it simple and focus more on quantity.
  3. Slay Monsters: You should never leave any unturned stone and any monster breathing. More kills translate to more loot.
  4. Roll Maps Efficiently: Don't have to break a bank here; simple alchemy and chaos will do.
  5. Bulk Selling: With everything being turned into currency shards, you would be able cash them all out within no time.


Caustic Arrow Pathfinder

Now let's talk about what builds can help you through this profitable journey – Caustic Arrow Pathfinder! Combined with Toxic Rain Ballistas and plenty quantity gear sprinkled throughout, you'll breeze through maps easily.


PoE 3.23 Caustic Arrow Pathfinder Build Passive Tree and Gear

PoB Link:


Key Build Highlights:

  • Caustic Arrow - Your main damage dealer spreading chaos wherever it lands.
  • Toxic Rain Ballistas - For some extra oomph against tough foes.
  • Quantity Gear - Think Goldwyrm boots, Windripper bow - anything that boosts your item find stats.
  • Withering Presence  - For that sweet synergy with your chaos damage.


Running the Maps

Alright, you have got the strategy, you've got the build – now let's just make it happen:

  • Acquire Memories: Get your hands on the Memory of Survivor's Guilt. They are golden tickets to get you started.
  • Prep Your Maps: Quality them up, roll for high quantity and pack size, and slap on a Delirium orb if you're feeling spicy.
  • Run Glacier Map: It's basic scripting with four guaranteed layouts and high-density areas.
  • Harvest the Wildwood: Fly through the Wildwood for extra drops but avoid purple juice—it's all about quantity over rarity this time.
  • Slay and Loot: Go on a monster-killing spree and watch as your inventory fills with shards.


Liquidating Your Loot

After a few runs, we had enough currency shards to fill a mountain. Now here is how you can turn these into cold hard divines:

  • Filter Your Loot: Set your loot filter to show valuable shards and ignore the chump change.
  • Sell in Bulk: Find buyers for your shards and sell them by truckloads.
  • Reinvest Wisely: Use your profits to buy more Memories or upgrade your gear for even faster runs.


Final Thoughts:

Farming Fracturing Orbs in Memories is not just profitable; it is fantastic! With this guide, you will become a Wraeclast millionaire in no time. And remember Exile fortune favours well prepared bold.

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