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PoE 3.23 CoC Cyclone and Vortex Assassin Build Guide

The Cast on Crit (CoC) Cyclone and Vortex Assassin Build is a byword for the fast and frantic arcade-like gameplay the PoE has become famous for. It is not only a build that gives you smooth play experience but also one that can be pushed to its limits with a huge currency PoE investment. This guide will go over this build's mechanics, its strengths, gear choices, and playstyle for Patch 3.23.



PoE 3.23 CoC Cyclone and Vortex Assassin Build Guide


The Core Mechanics

At the heart of this build are three main abilities: Cyclone, Cast on Critical Strike Support (CoC), and Vortex. We use cyclone which triggers both CoC as well as our frosty spells that we are going to cast. Through spinning into packs of monsters, we are going crit rapidly which in turn casts vortex on critical strikes.


The current charm system in PoE is essential for this build's success. Charms allow us to cap our accuracy and spell suppression while also giving us much-needed area effect—all crucial for a CoC setup.


Gear Selection

Most of the gear used in this type of character is aimed at maximizing critical strike chance and cooldown recovery rate for spells, as well as utilizing some specific unique Items like:

  • Cospri's Malice: This sword is pivotal as it triggers a socketed cold spell on melee critical strikes. Socket Frostbolt here for maximum efficiency.
  • Badge of the Brotherhood & Malachai's Loop: This duo, along with Ryslatha's Coil, forms the backbone of our power and frenzy charge synergy.
  • Mageblood: Considered one of the most potent items currently, it provides incredible utility and boosts our capabilities.
  • Shavronne's Wrappings: A staple for low-life builds that allows us to reserve most of our life for auras without fear of chaos damage bypassing energy shield.


PoE 3.23 Cyclone & Vortex of Projection Assassin Build Passive Tree and Gear

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Skill Gems and Links

Set up your skill gems wisely to maximize damage output while ensuring you survive:

  • Cyclone + Cast on Critical Strike Support + Vortex: This is your primary damage setup. Cyclone triggers CoC, which in turn casts Vortex.
  • Frostbolt + Greater Multiple Projectiles Support (GMP) + Greater Volley Support: These support gems ensure you're casting as many Frostbolts as possible to maximize the area covered by Vortex.
  • Aura Setup: Hatred for increased cold damage, Discipline for energy shield, and Precision to ensure we never miss a critical hit.


Passive Skill Tree and Ascendancy

The passive skill tree should focus on critical strike chance, multiplier nodes, and spell damage. Moreover, don't neglect investing in energy shield nodes to improve your survivability. Your Ascendancy should be tailored towards enhancing critical strikes and power charges:

  • Unstable Infusion & Deadly Infusion: These provide additional critical strike chance and multiplier per power charge.
  • Mistwalker: Grants elusive on critical strike, offering both offense and defense.
  • Opportunistic: Increases damage and reduces damage taken from rare and unique enemies.


Playstyle Tips

Playing a CoC Vortex Assassin is about maintaining constant movement while dealing with enemies swiftly:

  1. Use Cyclone to engage enemies and trigger your CoC setup.
  2. Keep an eye on your flasks and make sure they're active for tough encounters.
  3. Positioning is key—stay mobile to avoid damage while allowing your vortexes to overlap for maximum destruction.


Leveling Tips

  1. Focus on life and elemental resistances.
  2. Use Lifesprig or Axiom Perpetuum for spell damage early on.
  3. Change to CoC configuration once you reach the necessary crit chance and accuracy for it.


Final Thoughts

It is this Cast on Crit Vortex Assassin build, which is a nod to classic PoE, but also shows how far a build can go with the right gear and game knowledge. A thrilling build that ranges from strong defenses to devastating offenses capable of taking down the game’s toughest content.


Nevertheless remember, Exiles, even though this is a guide for a high-end setup, you could start with a cheaper version and climb up. The mechanics should be understood best; revel in playing. Now onwards with cold as your guide through success!

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