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Path of Exile (PoE) Delve Farming Guide: How to Start?

Are you ready to plumb the shadowy depths of Azurite Mines? Venturing into Delve farming is an exhilarating endeavor that can yield immense rewards for the brave and well prepared. Jump into starting a delve farming journey in Path of Exile through this manual. Learn the essentials of sulphite gathering, delve mechanics, and lucrative node targeting for maximum rewards.



Path of Exile (PoE) Delve Farming Guide: How to Start?


Starting Your Delve Adventure

To commence your Delve escapades, you must stockpile voltaxic sulphite. This valuable resource allows entry into the mines, so collect as much as needed:

  1. While you are doing your journeys happen to meet Niko, Master of the Depths, and complete his assignments.
  2. Make use of sulphite scarabs in your maps—gilded ones give the best value for money.
  3. Activate Atlas passives that buff up sulphite gains:
    • Mad Devotion: Provides more Niko missions.
    • Packed with Energy: Enhances sulphitegains from nodes.
    • Guarded Hordes: Doubles sulphite drops sometimes.
    • Mining Byproducts: Chance for azerite alongside sulphite.
    • Sulfide Infusion: Passive sulphite gained from map bosses.


Remember – map quantity boosts sulphite yield – roll those maps for extra gains!


Navigating the Darkness

After acquiring enough amount of sulphite it is time to go down. In this case your crawler will be your lifeline in the mines which provides some light to keep away deadly darkness away from you.Be guided by these hints:

  • Upgrade your crawler's capabilities on Niko's workbench:
    • Increase sulphite capacity to go deeper before coming back up top surface again.
    • Rise darkness resistance since straying too far from light causes damage.
    • Widen light radius though too much of it might be disorienting.
  • Manufacture flares to light up darkened corners and reveal hidden treasures.
  • Apply dynamite to the walls or mighty foes as a stun.


Targeting Profitable Nodes

As you traverse the mines, there are certain nodes that promise greater wealth:

  • Map Nodes: Drop sextants and maps for continued exploration.
  • Fossil Nodes: Yield fossils for crafting—some biomes offer exclusive types.
  • Resonator Boxes: Contain resonators for crafting with fossils.
  • City Biomes: Home to bosses with unique and valuable drops.


Watch out for these profitable nodes indicated by special icons and prioritize them in your pathing. 


Farming Fossils by Biome

Fossils are biome-dependent treasures. Regular fossils are often found behind breakable walls, while special fossils have dedicated nodes. To maximize your chances of encountering cities, bosses, and rare fossil nodes, aim for a delve depth of around 500—but only if your build can handle it.


Investing Azerite Wisely

Azerite is another key resource in Delve. Use it carefully:

  • Upgrade your crawler and crafting capabilities.
  • Buy resonators from Niko's shop—consider league economy prices to cut on costs as possible.


Encountering Delve Bosses

Delve bosses are not only difficult fights but also opportunities. Depending on league trends, some of their drops can be incredibly valuable. From Crown of the Tyrant to Olmec's Uprising, boss loot can turn a hefty profit.


Adapting to Market Fluctuations

Path of Exile's economy is dynamic; what's valuable one day may not be the next. To maximize profit margins know market values at any given time for fossils, resonators, and boss drops respectively.


Final Thoughts

Delving and farming is a intricate, multifaceted thing that can be enjoyed by any type of player. Delve has it all. Whether you’re after that elusive fractured item or accumulating wealth through the consistent sale of fossils and resonators, Delve has it all. Remember to change your strategy as you go and as the league evolves around you.

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