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Top 6 Best Build Types For Mageblood in PoE 3.23

Are you ready to harness the power of the evasive Mageblood in PoE 3.23 league? Do not let this dream pass through your fingers, add this item to your arsenal and become the owner today. We share the top 6 best build types for transforming your gameplay with Mageblood due to many raw drops and Voidborn Relic Keys that have made its price at an all-time low. 



Top 6 Best Build Types For Mageblood in PoE 3.23


Top 1. Armor Stackers

PoE 3.23 Pure Armor Stackers Builds

This is a type of build that has been popular for some time now among armor stacking builds on multiple builds on forums. For example, they aim to surpass a million flat armor because they need it to survive Uber hits as well as resist physical damage and raise elemental caps via multiple Instances where their max resistances are increased by various auras.

  • Key Items: Dreamfeather, global defense-increasing gear, Mageblood.
  • Key Passives: Iron Reflexes, Unwavering Stance.
  • Flasks: Granite, Jade, Stibnite, Basalt and Silver Flasks –all with Level 1 added armour & evasion.
  • Classes: Try Juggernaut; Ascendant; Champion or Chieftain Classes
  • Skills: Puncture; Molten Strike; Lightning Strike -melee centric skills
  • Jewels: Primalist jewels are common picks due to the aura focus.


Top 2. Doryani's Prototype 

PoE 3.23 Diryani's Prototype Builds

Beware of lightning damage over time effects because they do not play well with these builds which converts enemies' lightning resistance into same as yours with their unique mechanic -a real puncher.

  • Key Items: Fusion of the Flesh, drag-reducing gear like String of Servitude and Ventor's Gamble.
  • Flasks: Ruby & Sapphire for elemental resistance and either Granite and Basalt or Diamond and Silver for damage.
  • Classes: Versatile – Elementalist; Inquisitor; Champion and Deadeye just to mention a few.
  • Skills: Smite Champions, Lightning Conduit Elementalists are popular.
  • Jewels: Inquisitor jewels with consecrated ground effects are ideal.


Top 3. Aura Stackers

PoE 3.23 Aura Stacers Builds

Once the pinnacle of power in POE, aura stackers can still outshine many builds with the right investment.

  • Key Items: Budget setups might use Victario's Influence or Shavronne's Wrappings; high-end setups opt for rare Vaal Regalias.
  • Weapon Choices: Ephemeral Edge or Nebulis with potent implicits.
  • Skills:Typically use Smite along with Purity of Elements and defensive auras like Grace and Determination.
  • Classes: Ascendant and Champion are common, but Guardian-based minion stackers are on the rise.
  • Jewels: Hierophant jewels with mana reservation efficiency are solid choices.


Top 4. Magic Finders

PoE 3.23 Magic Finders Builds

Magic finders excel at looting, and Mageblood can elevate these builds significantly.

  • Key Items: Goldwyrm boots as staple.
  • Flasks: Divination Distillate and Prosperity are essential; consider adding a Gold Flask with increased effect.
  • Classes: Tornado Shot Deadeyes, Chieftain self-immolation builds.


Top 5. Cast on Crit (CoC) 

PoE 3.23 Cast on Crit Builds

CoC builds rely on high attack speed and critical strike chance. Mageblood can provide a significant boost to these stats.

  • Flasks: Critical strike chance is key; use Diamond Flask with an appropriate suffix alongside a Silver Flask for attack speed.
  • Key Items: Look for defensive layers like Petrified Blood and gear with critical modifiers.
  • Classes: Occultists are favored for their power charge synergy.
  • Jewels: Focus on critical strike enhancements; Assassin jewels with crit multi per power charge are excellent.


Top 6. Lab Runner 

PoE 3.23 Lab Runner Builds

Speed is everything for Uber lab dashes, and Mageblood is your best friend.

  • Flasks: A quicksilver flask with a movement speed suffix is an absolute must. Other than that, use a silver flask to gain extra speed.
  • Classes: This is where rangers such as deadeye or raider become viable.


General Use Cases

Besides these specific builds, Mageblood has amazing versatility. It's invaluable for squishy setups that depend heavily on things like annihilation light or fusion of flesh or when resistance and critical chance are not to be sacrificed for gear slots.


Pro tip: At low levels Mageblood can be an awesome leveling choice for new characters.


Mageblood has a profound impact on numerous POE 3.23 designs. Whether you are a tank, a caster, or speed demon, this unique belt will take your Exile to the next level. 

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