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PoE 3.23 Spark of the Nova Trickster Endgame Builds Guide

Ready to become a cataclysmic tempest and harness uncontrolled lightning energy for endgame Wraeclast annihilation? This guide will brighten your path to creating an endgame Trickster that utilizes PoE 3.23 Spark of the Nova skill. This godlike setup will guide you through all facets of the Endgame content.


PoE 3.23 Spark of the Nova Trickster Endgame Builds Guide



Among the ever-changing dynamics in Path of Exile, the Spark of the Nova Trickster remains a symbol of limitless strength and adaptability. Despite losing out on projectile speed recently, this build is still viable today; in fact, people say that slower projectiles might even be better – though that's debatable.


Investment & Expectations

To start playing with this build, you will need to spend about 200-900 divine orbs in order to achieve near immortality. However, don't be afraid because there is a budget version with just around 200 divines which can still pack quite a punch.


The Meta Shift: Projectile Speed vs Damage

It's common knowledge that more velocity means greater harm when it comes to most missile types. That was true until we introduced Spark of Unpredictability gem which changed that old rule completely. With walls or barriers being bypassed by those sparks, open-area boss fights are never going to remain the same as they were before -and so do we not need extra projectile speed.


Gear Necessities And Crafting Tips

  • Body Armor – Get an iLevel85 Satus' Garb with spell suppression on it using essence currency for mana reservation efficiencyessences or eldritch orbs when crafting.
  • Boots – Corruptions with aura bonuses if applicable but optional
  • Gloves – Critical strike multiplier and chance; faster casting (bonus)
  • Helmet – Increased energy shield or flat maximum energy shield (desired)
  • Wand – There are crafting guides for a perfect spark wand
  • Belt – Mageblood is almost mandatory for its adaptability.
  • Shield – Aegis Aurora or any other high-energy shield with curse immunity is the best option.
  • Flasks – Recommended but optional is bottled faith.
  • Jewels - Critical Multipliers, Energy Shield Bonuses and Mana Reservation Efficiencies should be looked for.


PoE 3.23 Spark of the Nova Trickster Endgame Builds Passive Tree and Gear


Gems and Links

  • Main Skill: Spark with Awakened spell echo, Energy Leach support and Awakened Lightening Penetration support
  • Curses: Arcanist Brand linked with Elemental Weakness, Sniper's Mark, Punishment, and Conductivity and Inspiration Support respectively.
  • Movement skill: Frost Blink so as to move quickly from one place to another.
  • Auras: Discipline, Grace, Haste, Zealotry and Dread Banner split between helmet and boots with enlighten support linking them.


Ascendancy Points And Passive Tree

  • Ascendancy: Go for Trickster ascendency nodes such as Ghost Dance for defense & Harness the Void for damage gains.
  • Passive tree: Get spell damage nodes; Jewel sockets; critical strike multiplier/chance; energy shield nodes are all vital in this build.


Tips On Gameplay

  • Bossing - For boss fights like Uber Sirus use Spark of Unpredictability that can give you immense damage without relying on projectile speed.
  • Mapping - Keep a basic projectile speed at which it moves through maps effectively when clearing them out.
  • Survivability - Evasion stacking plus energy shields build that recovers fast from hits taken is an unyielding defence mechanism against death's door crashers.


PoB Link


Final Thoughts

This guide offers a starting point for making your own superlative Nova Trigger. Adjust your Play style and budget constraints since flexibility matters. Be open-minded to the future meta switches because they will bring forth new tactics!

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