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FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove Genesis Rewards: Top Picks for Your Tomestones

Moogle Treasure Trove has returned to Eorzea, bringing with it a bounty of exclusive rewards that will have treasure hunters and fashion connoisseurs alike scrambling for their tomestones. But which treasures are truly worth your time and effort? We have compiled an essential guide to help you navigate this trove of trinkets.



FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove Genesis Rewards: Top Picks for Your Tomestones


Mameshiba Neckerchief

To start off strong, Mameshiba Neckerchief is your star performer. With an exclusive offer at this event costing 100 tomestones, it is an essential item for every collector or just a stylish addition to any wardrobe even if it may not be much of a fashion statement.


50 Tomestone Tier

  • Antelope Stag Horn: Usually bought at around 8,400 Skybuilder's Scrips or 500k gil (market board), this mount is cheap at 50 tomestones.
  • Titania Barding: This barding requires some rare items culled from Titania Extreme and it could sell up to one million FFXIV gil. It's also good for collectors or people who find its aesthetics appealing at the same cost of tomestone price.
  • Modern Aesthetics - Modern Legend: Purchase this hairdo with just 1,800 Skybuilder's Scrips or about 150k gil. At 50 tomestones, the price may seem too high relative to its market value unless you’re on a tight budget.
  • Yukinko Snowflake Minion: Normally priced at 50 tomestones and sold for about 300k gil from Hydatos lockboxes in Eureka, this minion costs a little bit of money but could still be worth it for those dedicated to minions.


Solid Choices

  • Dhalmel Whistle: Get your "malnourished giraffe camel" without even needing to grind Kupo of Fortune or buy one from the market board at a cost of 400k gil. For folks collecting mounts, this is a good investment.
  • Ultima Horns: No need to fight over RNG fate spawns just trade in your tomestones for these unusual horns. It's a time saver for those who cannot spend all day camping fates.
  • Orchestrion Rolls: You can get both "Ominous Prognisticks" and "Twilight over Thanalan" with only thirty tomestones. These are worth thinking about if you gather orchestrion rolls and do not want to farm maps or raid drop rates.


Special Mentions

  • Time-worn Artisanal Maps: With guaranteed portals for more loot chances during map runs, these are great buys when going on group activities.
  • Bomb Palanquin Horn: Instead of grinding through Kobold quests and spending120k gil, you can purchase a mount using some tomestones.


Extreme Trial Mounts 

  • Boreas, Rose Lanner, Legendary Kamuy: From level 50,60 and70 Extreme Trials respectively. Consider whether there is any need to use your tomestones here because unsynced runs are now viable farming methods.
  • MGP Platinum Card: This provides an instant gain of 50K MGP for just thirty Tomestones. If you dislike Gold Saucer mini-games, consider this as an easy way of getting the rewards.
  • Furniture Items: They say that it's a risk to spend tomestones on furniture since they are easily available in the market board at low rates.
  • Late Allagan Armor: These PvP gear pieces cost 4,000 Wolf Marks but can be earned through participating in Moogle Treasure Trove event activities. You should think twice before you decide to spend your tomestones here.
  • Triple Triad Cards and Minions: are available from NPCs as a reward for quests. However, it may take time to come across Stormblood Gilgamesh Card or Titania Card and this makes it even better if you buy them. It's also worth considering Little Leannan or Griffin Hatchling minions at the same price.
  • Indomitable Orchestrion Roll: Get it from rank six of Kojin tribe vendor. If you haven't reached this point then 7 tomestones is good money to spend.


The rewards for the Moogle Treasure Trove Genesis event might not seem as lucrative as those in the past, but there are still many treasures that will eat up your currency bounty. Be sure to focus on unique items and those with high market value or utility.

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