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PoE 3.23 Hybrid Crit Penance Brand of Dissipation Slayer Build

Hello there, Exiles! In this exhaustive guide we explore the intricacies of the Penance Brand of Dissipation Slayer build a Tri-Charge Stacker that has been causing ripples in Path of Exile 3.23 league. Recognized for its incredible swiftness and potent damage output, this build is a refreshing departure from abyss-focused playstyles that have dominated recent metas.


PoE 3.23 Hybrid Crit Penance Brand of Dissipation Slayer Build


The Penance Brand of Dissipation has become one of PoE players'favourites because it is versatile and powerful. This skill allows players to clear maps quickly and make mincemeat out of bosses; it is not something to easily dismiss. In this guide, we will cover how you can actualize its potential while keeping up a balance between speed and defense.


Build Overview

Penance Brand of Dissipation Slayer build is specifically designed to perform well in parts of the game that benefit from fast movement. It is not limited to Magic Find (MF) niches although it could adapt well to such a playstyle if desired as a result. Instead, it thrives on activities such as Heist, Sanctum runs, Boss Rushing etc basically any content where quickness matters more than quantity bonuses do.


At its core, the build revolves around stacking charges—Power, Frenzy, and Endurance—to amplify movement speed and damage. By using unique items like Badge of Brotherhood or Masterful Form alongside innovative Ryslatha’s Coil belt that was introduced recently could allow players attain mind-boggling speeds with charge-based bonuses.


Key Components

  • Penance Brand of Dissipation: This skill forms the cornerstone of the build. With its conversion from physical to elemental damage and fast activation rate, it is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage.
  • Charge Stacking: The way Badge of Brotherhood and Masterful Form work together allows it to be possible to reach the maximum charges on all types which improve certain things in the build.
  • Movement Speed: New amulets have additional 2% movement speed per frenzy charge among other benefits, making this character’s speed unprecedented with That Which Was Taken flask and Replica Restless Ward boots further enhancing it.
  • Defense: While not particularly tanky in terms of raw defenses, this build has 75% spell block and takes advantage of Slayer’s over-leech mechanics for consistent survivability.


PoE 3.23 Hybrid Crit Penance Brand of Dissipation Slayer Build Passive Tree and Gear


Skill Gems and Gear

  • Main Skill: Connect your Penance Brand with support gems that boosts its elemental damage as well as critical strike potential.
  • Helmets and Gloves: Concentrate on getting pieces that offer more power charges so that you can increase your damage levels through conversion.
  • Boots: Ryslatha's Coil with its movement speed and charge stacking effects is a must-have item for this build.
  • Amulet: Use Badge of Brotherhood to centralize your charge-stacking approach whilst also giving elusive advantages at once.
  • Chest: Alongside additional movement speed & regeneration, Replica Restless Ward complements Slayer's charge-stacking abilities.
  • Rings: Find rings with high maximum power charges for increased efficiency while stacking them up.
  • Belt: Mageblood lets you select several useful flask effects to suit your style of play.


Playstyle Tips

  1. Using your brand deal damage while running through maps dodging enemy attacks.
  2. Watch out for charges (passives or gears) optimization.
  3. To reposition your brands and maintain a constant damage output, use brand recall strategically.
  4. Your defenses need to be taken care of, as the build is fast and can often escape damage but is usually vulnerable to being one-shoted.


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Penance Brand of Dissipation Slayer build offers an exciting option for players who desire a fast-paced style of play with strong offensive powers. The guide forms a basis for anyone intending to break away from the regular farming methods or just wants to feel the adrenaline rush that comes with zooming through maps at incredibly high speeds.


Remember that Path of Exile is a game which rewards creativity and adaptation. While this guide provides you with a good starting point, feel free to adjust the build according to your own preferences and style of play. So now, go out there, stack up those charges and let Penance Brand have its full dissipation on your enemies!

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