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PoE 3.23 Ice Nova Occultist Build: Screen-Shattering Explosions

Hi there Exiles! Today we explore the cold world of Ice Nova Occultist, a build that combines raw ice power with subtle Occultist class in Path of Exile 3.23 update. This guide will equip you with knowledge about creating a strong character that can wipe enemies out with icy precision


PoE 3.23 Ice Nova Occultist Build: Screen-Shattering Explosions


Character Overview

Ice nova is cast by this spellcasting powerhouse as it is its primary source of damage. By generating and making good use of power charges, this build multiplies its damage output to freezing sizes. Additionally, Occultist ascendancy nodes synergize well with the cold theme providing more utility and survivability.


Core Itemization

  • Void Battery: A unique wand which increases spell damage greatly and allows you to generate power charges.
  • Malachai's Loop: This shield in combination with Void Battery raises your maximum power charges so they are always full.
  • Rach Boots: These boots remove frenzy on hit mechanics while speeding up your gameplay substantially.
  • Badge of the Brotherhood: This amulet ties your frenzies to your powers improving aspects such as defense/offense.
  • Blizzard Crown: Look for a helmet with +1 max power charge and nearby enemies have reduced cold resistance mod for extra damage.


Chest Armor Considerations

Do not look for traditional frenzy on hit but instead find a chest piece that offers crit and another curse or elevated Shaper's mod +1 to socketed gems so as to boost Ice Nova's effectiveness by large margin.


Gloves and Rings

  • Gloves: Prioritize implicits that support your build like freeze proliferation or life leech. Also ensure to have enough resistances and chaos resistance.
  • Rings: Preferably, you can get Circle of Fear with Onslaught on hit for mobility; the remaining one should be frostbite on hit ring to increase cold damage.


Skill Gems and Flasks

  • Main Skill: Vortex Ice Nova supported by Awakened Spell Echo, Inspiration, Power Charge on Critical, and Intensify
  • Utility Skills: Immortal Call linked with Cast when Damage Taken, Void Sphere for crowd control and Herald setups for efficient mana reservation.
  • Flasks: Evasion comes from Jade Flask, phasing Quartz Flask , fast moving Quicksilver Flask and Bottle of Faith gives consecrated ground benefits


Ascendancy and Passive Tree

  • Profane Bloom: This combines with Herald of Ice to create powerful explosions.
  • Forbidden Power: Increases maximum power charges as well as area damage.
  • Void Beacon: Decrease enemy cold resistance and prevent life regeneration.
  • Frigid Wake: Becomes immune to chill/freeze effects while dealing more damage.


In the passive tree focus should be on maximizing power charge bonuses, increasing critical strike chance and area of effect. Notable keystones include Inner Conviction from Militant Faith and Unnatural Instinct for additional stats.


PoE 3.23 Ice Nova Occultist Build Passive Tree and Gear


Jewels and Charms

Customize your jewels in order to tailor them to your build's specifications. When selecting mod prioritizes critical strike chance first followed by area of effect per power charge then resistances. Additional utilities can be provided by charms such as blind or increased area damage


Final Thoughts

The Ice Nova Occultist is an exciting build that combines engaging gameplay and high damage potential. Despite being costly to maximize, it can still be done by those who are ready to grind for in-game money. For people looking for a vibrant and strong spellcasting character in Path of Exile 3.23 this guide provides a road map to becoming an Ice Nova Occultist master.

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